LYF Pre Launch Business Opportunity Review – "Is This Just Another MLM?"


Billionaire Michael Han recently invested $ 300 million in multi-level marketing opportunities with LYF. LYF is based in a broad range of individual products ranging from technologies to home care products. So, is this just another MLM opportunity? And will it last?

LYF is currently in pre-launch and has the support of billionaire Michael Han. Mr. Han has been in the network marketing business for over twenty years and brings a range of innovative products. Many products still need to be included on the website itself because of the fact that it is a very new offer for the public. Some of the products can be found there and most are based on the health and well-being aspect of our lives from a nutritional supplement chewable tablet. At home, basic supplies such as laundry detergent, antiseptic wipes and cleaning solutions, to name just a few, will be the biggest offer to the consumer. Technologically, LYF will offer what is called LYFNET, which combines a simple telephone service, a toll-free service using broadband, wireless services and an Internet service.

The business opportunity is based on a network marketing plan and multilevel. Once the registration fee has been paid, the new member will receive a replicated website and the purchased products. A replicated site in no way guarantees the traffic to the site itself and it is something that the member will have to learn over time. Network marketing involves doing marketing to friends and family, then slowly creating a list with friends and family of new members who may be interested in their own opportunity with LYF.

The company seems to have quality products, but the compensation plan is typical of many MLM opportunities in this industry. The plan of course accompanies a commission on actual retail sales, for example in personal volume (PV); 100 pv sold = 25% commission. The other 6 pay levels are based on total team sales (pv) with a basic commission payout of 5% to 3%. These bonuses are based on a required monthly and quarterly sales amount which must be kept at the end of each period to qualify for the individual bonus level.

LYF offers quality products, but it is always wise to make all the necessary checks before entering an opportunity online or offline. The multi-level marketing sector in the areas of health and well-being, household products and technology is highly saturated. Learning to position yourself quickly as a leader in this business opportunity will be a must.

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