Loral Langemeier – Millionaire-Maker Or Con Artist?


I happened to turn on the car radio the other day during an interview with Loral Langemeier. It didn't take long to understand that it was an infomercial. I had never heard of this hoarse-spoken woman before, but soon found out that she was a "money coach" and a successful author. She distributed one of her books and a CD for free.

I listened for about 20 minutes, hoping to find out exactly what she was offering. As usual, in this type of "interview", the interviewer, a man, was part of the act. The entire interview could have been condensed in about a minute without losing the content. The rest was quite hyped.

Their message was very simple – Loral can help you start a real home business, earn money every month, without spending a lot of time and regardless of your current financial situation – and she offered this help for free (except for postage) and handling, of course!). How much extra money will it help you earn each month? $ 500, $ 1000, maybe a lot more. How would she do this? She alluded to a number of possible ways to do this – real estate, investments, the Internet …

Of course, I knew she was not on the radio just to give something, so what was her angle? What was she really trying to sell? I listened in vain. One thing she kept repeating should have been a clue to go against the advice offered by others who teach you how to cut your spending. His message was something like "don't worry about trying to live with less – live better by earning more". She also said that everyone knows something or has something they can use to become a business. What did she mean by that?

I'm still curious as to which method to earn extra money, so after I got home, I did a Google search on Langemeier. I quickly discovered that this hoarse-spoken woman was not as old as she looked on the radio. I found a video of her where her voice was not that hoarse – maybe she was hoarse on the radio talking so much – who knows?

I found her "official" websites – one on Langemeier herself and another on her business – "LiveOutLoud.com" – an interesting name. On both websites, you'll find more hype – information on his 3 best-selling financial books, popular seminars, a list of his radio interviews and television appearances, including one on the web. ; Dr. Phil show, etc.

Loral frequently organizes "Cash Machine" workshops where it promises that 100% of the participants will earn money at the event – which is a guarantee. During the workshops, you are supposed to learn how to identify your personal cash machine. Then she and her "dream team of wealth creators" teach you how to create a vision, build a heritage team and show you how to take action with your business plan. The workshops are complemented by the "Millionaire Marketplace" where participants have the opportunity to earn money on site before leaving the workshop.

A former workshop participant happily said, "We are on track to close more than $ 25,000 in business over the next two weeks, just as of this event !!" The workshops cost $ 2,495 per person and are apparently just the beginning. Loral also offers personalized coaching – not just one, but five levels! The cost? Who knows? You have to talk to someone from their organization to find out.

I found clues regarding the cost of his coaching programs on another website, AllFinancialMatters.com. There was a review of his book, "The Millionaire Maker" and well over 100 comments from website visitors regarding Loral and his program. This is where I learned how much its coaching programs cost. I was shocked by some of the numbers people were mentioning – $ 4,800, $ 8,000, $ 10,000, $ 15,000, $ 25,000! I know there are 5 levels of coaching available, but some people seemed to think that the price they were offering was based on the amount of their available credit.

There were both positive and negative comments about Loral and his coaching programs on the book review website.

On the positive side, one person wrote: "It's a lot of work and the responsibility is truly priceless. This month, my husband was able to quit his W-2 job by earning a lot more money than before. Loral is simply incredible and we owe him our success. "Another wrote:" At this point, my "ATM" is advancing. "" I have increased my income by 30%, "added another person. One commenter wrote:" From my point of sight, looking at my life before Live Out Loud, and today I would not change a thing … Every penny I spent and every event I attended went well served."

Others were not as complimentary in their praise. "Loral is greedy and his main goal is to take your money and not to help you earn it," wrote one person. Another said, "I am currently enrolled in the coaching program and I am seriously dissatisfied." Loral Langemeier is a scammer in a long line of these people who get rich by attacking stupid people, "adds another." The coaching program is a scam. ", and finally this comment," Loral is a crook who prays on people's despair. "

With such a difference of opinion, it is difficult to definitively decide on Loral Langemeier.

Frankly, from what I have learned, I have no doubt that Loral is a talented woman with an incredible amount of drive, energy and charisma. She also has a huge ego and an insatiable appetite for public attention.

Will it make you rich? May be. Maybe not. It depends more on you than on her. It's really like a lot of things in life – his program will produce a few superstars – and a lot of others who experience only mediocre success – or not at all.

Having run my own business for many years, I know you can't always please everyone. In fact, the more successful you are, the more detractors you will have. This is just one price to pay for success – and Loral pays for it. It's not because a lot of people don't necessarily like it that it's a bad person. It's just the way things work in this imperfect world – sorry if I sound too philosophical or judgmental.

Do I recommend Loral Langemeier? This is something that you have to decide for yourself. To be successful with her program, you probably have to be a little like her – a leader, dynamic, goal-oriented and a risk taker. Okay, I guess it would not hurt if you also have money to spend, that you are very teaching and maybe a little desperate. If you can't identify with any of these things, it probably isn't for you.