Living a Dream of Lifelong Learning


Lifelong learning can indeed be a dream; all the more so as, in our lifetime, priorities change and learning, almost always, takes a step back. When trying to make a living and desperately trying to balance personal and professional life, learning remains a dream.

However, once an individual reaches middle age or even old age, priorities change and their role in the family also changes. This invariably gives the elderly person time to pursue their dream of learning.

However, the interest in learning must not stop in anyone. If the person has kept the zeal to learn well in their forties and above, this is called lifelong learning. Recently, the elderly population of the United States of America has shown an increased interest in the lifelong learning process. It is estimated that over 33 million people have enrolled in various adult education courses and programs.

Elderly people have many reasons to go back to school or college. The reasons may vary from improving professional knowledge or simply learning, as Richard Feynman put it, "for the pleasure of discovering things".

However, realizing the dream of lifelong learning may not be easy, but it is certainly not impossible. This process can be facilitated by exploring various options depending on the convenience of the senior. Options include classroom sessions, access to audio / video podcasts of course materials, etc. the internet.

However, learning should not be limited to academic subjects. They may include a course in sketching, carpentry or photography. It is essentially about learning what you have always wanted to learn or rather dreamed of having learned.

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