Life Stinks Movie Review – Starring Mel Brooks and Leslie Ann Warren


"Life Stinks" is a serious romantic comedy with, written and directed by Mel Brooks. The film addresses the issue of homelessness in a rather amusing way. The game is quite funny although much of the film is rather depressing. I still think it's a great movie.

Goddard Bolt (Brooks) is the billionaire CEO of Bolt Enterprises in Los Angeles. He is ruthless towards the poor, putting his money and belongings before their needs. Bolt plans to build Bolt Tower, a billion dollar project, in a slum in Los Angeles, which would require demolishing the slum and moving its residents. Meanwhile, Vance Crasswell, another billionaire who owns the slum, also wants to use it to build his own project. Crasswell ends up betting with Bolt that if he can live in the ghetto for 30 days without money or ID, he will give Bolt the land. Bolt takes Crasswell on his bet.

Life in the slum turns out to be very difficult and degrading for Bolt. For two days, he is unable to earn money or obtain food or shelter. Finally, he meets a pretty young homeless woman named Molly who explains how to get to the mission, where he can get a free meal. There he meets and befriends other dropouts, including an old man named Sailor and a black man named Fumes. Sailor gives him the nickname Pepto because he slept on a bottle of Pepto Bismol and the word Pepto was erased from his face.

Bolt barely manages to survive for 30 days in the slum. He is almost killed by a gang of thugs who traffic drugs and almost loses the bet by accidentally leaving the border of the district. As his 30 days expire and it seems certain that he will win the bet, Crasswell decides to betray Bolt by asking his lawyers to deny that the bet has taken place and to give the bet. impression that Bolt had a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, Bolt and Molly fall in love. They both go to his mansion, where he is greeted by Crasswell as well as his assistant lawyers, who deny that the bet took place, from where Bolt and Molly are forced to return to the ghetto.

Now Bolt is starting to go crazy. He plans to make a list of all of his possessions but fails. He ends up being taken to a mismanaged health clinic. A doctor there treats him and he almost dies, but Molly comes to visit him and tells him that she loves him, which ends up curing him.

Back in the ghetto, Crasswell presents himself with the media and a demolition team, planning to destroy the ghetto. Bolt decides to fight him. Bolt operates a forklift, which he uses to fight Crasswell. Ultimately, he defeats Crasswell and forces him to concede the bet. Bolt builds a large upscale community for the homeless in the neighborhood and marries Molly.

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