Knowing The SCORE Of Home Buying


Most of us consider the possession of a house of ours as a major component of the so called American Dream. However, unless one proceeds, in this quest, wisely, and in a prepared and focused manner, the dream may soon deteriorate and become a nightmare! Smart buyers, proceed, knowing, as much as possible, in terms of better understanding, the real, GOAL, to own a house. Wouldn't it be nice if, what should be, potentially, the happiest time of our lives, becomes, therefore, because we have proactively reduced our stress levels, by being, as prepared as possible, to all the potential ramifications, obstacles, etc? With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, review, revise, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and represents, and why it is is important.

1. Savings; serves: Start by preparing for the financial necessities of buying a home! For most of us, it takes commitment and discipline to start the process, meaningfully, up front, and create a source of momentum. savings and accumulating funds, for things like down payment, closing costs, reserves for renovations, upgrades, repairs, upgrades, etc. Align that, choosing the right property, for you and your current and future needs and requirements, and choose one, which meets your needs, priorities and goals, as well as financial reality!

2. Credit: The vast majority of buyers, especially first-time buyers, take advantage of some sort of financing, which in most cases is a mortgage. To be ready, do whatever you can, to improve and improve your credit and creditworthiness, so you qualify for the best, most affordable terms, etc.

3. Options; Opportunities; organized: Proceed in an organized manner to be as prepared as possible! Know which options you want, prefer and absolutely need, and proceed, with care, in seeking the best possible opportunities, in the wisest way possible!

4. Relevant; realistic; immovable: Study, learn and find out what is most relevant, in terms of the local real estate market, in your desired area. Proceed realistically based on what you want, what you can afford, and pricing issues!

4. Assess; efforts; Excellency: Take the time and make a concerted effort to assess what makes sense to you! Make your effort, which is worth it, by proceeding, with relevant knowledge and understanding, and by hiring a Real Estate Professional, who is the best fit for you! Seek to make your goal the ultimate level of excellence and satisfaction, by proceeding, wisely and prepared!

When you know the GOAL, your results will be better! Are you going to engage in this discipline and this commitment?

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