Know The COSTS Of Home Ownership!


Although for many people home ownership is a major component of the so-called American Dream, in order for it to become a nightmare and not become a nightmare, it is rather important and wise to fully consider, all the predictable FRESH, involved and linked. While most realize the down payment required, and maybe even the monthly mortgage payment, the payment is far from close, all the expenses and costs involved. . After about fifteen years, as a licensed real estate salesperson, in New York state, I came to review this, in detail, and with that in mind this article will attempt to, consider, review, revise, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and represents, and why, is an important consideration.

1. Consider; create; charges; character: Each of us, has certain strengths, as well as weaknesses, and our quality of character is significant and relevant to, in any careful consideration, the costs of owning a home! Therefore, each of us, should seriously think about what owning a home means to us, and assess our reasons, our comfort zone, etc. What are all the charges, in addition to those, involved in repaying the loan? Some of these may include: property taxes; items in receivership; utilities; and, several reservations for items, such as repairs, renovations, upgrades and unforeseeable events.

2. Options; optimize: Wouldn't it make sense, if you consider all of your options and alternatives, thoroughly, before taking this important step? What size do you need and what can you afford? If a potential owner had any intention of maximizing their personal interest, before taking that big step, they would look at all the potential costs, their alternatives and proceed accordingly.

3. Systems; strengths: Before you buy a home, take advantage of the benefits of hiring a professional home inspector, or engineer, and have them pay close attention to some of the large systems. of the House. These include the heating system, roof, foundation, electrical and plumbing components, etc., as well as major household appliances. Know them, because if you need to fix, fix and / or replace them, it can get expensive! What are the reals, strengths and weaknesses of the building and property?

4. Tendencies; timely; time tested: Know what others have been up to and take advantage of proven behaviors and / or strategies! Don't wait for major issues to happen, but pay close attention and act in a timely manner, before they end – they do! Are there any current trends that could benefit you?

5. Durable; resolution; more intelligent: Look at the big picture and do it in a relevant, sustainable and affordable way! What are the problems and how are you going to solve them, to your best benefit! Will you try to become a smarter owner?

It is smart and beneficial, to know the FRESH to own a house, your house! Are you going to take action on your own behalf?



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