Kirby Super Star – Dream Land Is Under Siege Again!


Dream Land is under siege again! Our hero, Kirby, returns to launch a rescue. King Dedede seizes food supply from Dream Land, but he is not the only one! Dyna Blade, Meta Knight and a slew of other wicked villains are wreaking havoc in the country.

Use one of Kirby's incredible powers to create an "assistant" to help you in the battle. Or ask a friend to join you for a two-player action by taking control of Kirby's assistant. Help Kirby work on EIGHT challenging action and adventure-filled games. Enter the fray in Spring Breeze, take part in a race against King Dedede in Gourmet Race and face a winged warrior in Dyna Blade.

Adjust your reaction skills in Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby, then fight your way through the big cave offensive, Meta Knight's revenge and the wishes of the Milky Way. Each game is different AND a few extra special surprises await you!

The gameplay:

It's a classic Kirby game and much more in 8 great games! The gameplay is both fun and challenging at times. Everyone will enjoy controlling Kirby in Dreamland and beyond. You fight your way by swallowing the enemies of Kirby and then using them as projectiles or you can steal their powers if the enemy you swallowed has one. There are a lot of enemies with powers, so you won't always have the same old powers over and over again.

The powers you get also do more than one thing, for example: if you acquire the beam ability, you can shoot the beam regularly, charge it for a powerful explosion, grab an enemy and shoot it and take it out those blue dots on the wand hurting enemies. When you have a power, you can also create an assistant according to the power you have. The partner will then help you in your quest and can be controlled by the AI ​​or one of your friends can control it instead.

You can also find and touch powers to get them in certain places instead of sucking and swallowing enemies. Kirby can fly, if you didn't already know and if you want, you can fly over things. Underwater, you can use certain powers, but otherwise you have a special underwater attack.

The levels are fun and the enemies are well thought out. The bosses are great, they range from easy to very difficult and offer a good challenge while being fun at the same time. When Kirby stops flying, he spits out a cloud of dust, capable of injuring enemies. Kirby can also slide while running to injure enemies.

Here's an overview of the Kirby Superstar games that are featured in the instruction book …

Spring Breeze – King DeDeDe stole all the food in Dreamland and it was Kirby again who stopped him. Spring Breeze is a simple but fun way to introduce new players to the world of Kirby. With the classic Kirby formula of swallowing enemies and stealing their powers, you make your way through the 4 stages you have to take. Each containing a boss that you must fight. This is not a challenge for most players, but a good way to sit and have fun with classic Kirby.

Dyna Blade – A giant bird called Dyna Blade terrorizes the earth and guesses who is up to it. Yes, it’s true that Kirby is! Offering more levels, which will offer a greater challenge to players than Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade is a much larger Kirby game contained in Kirby Superstar. There are also some secrets that I will let you discover for yourself.

Gourmet Race – After climbing a very high mountain to get the precious food that sits at the top, Kirby discovers that King DeDeDe is also on the mountain and that he intends to take all the food. Kirby and King DeDeDe decide to run a food drive to see who gets it all. Basically, you run King DeDeDe until the end of the stages and grab the food while you're at it. You can also play against the clock to try to beat your best times.

Great Cave Offensive – During a picnic, Kirby falls into a hole and discovers a gigantic cave that is said to have millions of dollars in treasure. Kirby must cross the cave and collect all the treasures. Well, you don't have to collect everything, but if you want 100% on your game file, you have to collect everything. The Great Cave Offensive is a challenge even for the most skilled players, as some treasures can be quite difficult to find and acquire.

MetaKnight Returns – The evil MetaKnight and his crew set out to conquer the land of dreams with their giant flying ship. Naturally, Kirby jumps on the warpstar and heads for action. Revenge of MetaKnight can be a challenge to people and it has a great story. He also uses the classic Kirby formula but many surprises and challenges await you.

Milky Wishes – The sun and the moon fight, the days and nights of Dreamland merge. Guide Kirby through many different planets to bring things back to normal. Instead of the classic powers of swallowing and copying, Milky Way Wishes is different. You find the powers and you have acquired them permanently. You can then switch between different powers at any time and this concept gives a whole new, fun twist to Kirby's action. Milky greetings is extremely fun and quite difficult at times too.

Megaton Punch – This mini-game is quite entertaining but also quite easy. You can play 1 or 2 players and select a level for yourself. First, you set the Kirby wattmeter by pressing any button when the wattmeter is full, then you press any button again when the two sliders flying around meet exactly to form one and finally you press any button when the swinging pendulum is inside the ring. Now you have your score and if it is higher than your opponents, you win. It’s so simple.

Samurai Kirby – Like the other mini games, you select the number of players and the difficulty level of Samurai Kirby. This game is a reflex test and requires you to press any button as soon as you see "!". Whoever presses it first wins. Do not press any button too soon as you will be disqualified if you do it too quickly. Samurai Kirby offers a lot of challenge and fun.


Among the best on an SNES ever, Kirby has never looked so good. Most enemies look really good and well detailed. The food you use to restore Kirby's health is also very good. The backgrounds are simply amazing and show the fascinating world of Dreamland well. All the movements on the screen are excellent; Kirby and the enemies. The small cut scenes are almost perfect and really well detailed. Kirby Superstar is one of the best graphic games from SNES.

Sound quality:

Everyone likes to listen to Kirby's music, right? It is pleasing to the ear and flows well with the game. Some scenes may have poor music but most are simply the best. The sounds are also excellent and perfectly match the actions. If you strike something with a certain power, the sound you imagine to be heard will be heard. When you become invincible, you get great, fast-paced music that could forget the music of Kirby dance. Everyone loves Kirby dancing, or at least I think so.

Game controls:

The controls of Kirby Superstar are really good and easy to learn. You use the D-Pad to move Kirby and you can double tap the D-Pad to the right or left to rush. You can also press the D-Pad to enter a door and press to make Kirby sit / duck. While pressing and B at the same time, the stellar warrior will slide. By pressing button B, Kirby will jump while pressing continuously, Kirby will fly.

Your flight time is endless so don't worry about falling. The Y button is probably the most important in the whole game because it makes Kirby swallow enemies, which you can then spit on other enemies or use to acquire an ability. The Y button can also be used to fire air bullets during flight and use the underwater water pistol. When you have power, you can use the A button to create help and if you don't have power, you can use the A button to get rid of the help.

The L and R buttons force Kirby to protect him from most but not all enemies and obstacles. Start pauses the game and if you want to reset it, just press the Start, Select, L and R buttons simultaneously. You can also use the A button to teleport to Kirby or self-destruct if you're the helper and can't get too far from Kirby, but that's not too much of a problem.

The replay value:

With eight games in one plus the mini games, you will be playing Kirby Superstar for a long time. Collecting all the treasures of the Great Cave Offensive and all the powers of Milky Way Wishes will take you some time. If you have a second player to help you, you will beat these games over and over again simply because of the fun of the multiplayer functionality.

Final thoughts:

So that's Kirby Super Star in short. I highly recommend this game to anyone who has an SNES, and I'm really disappointed that we have never seen a port for GBA or anything, but hey. They took what was good in the first Kirby game, added a few mini-games, managed to find all the secrets to getting the real ending, and made them two players. What else do you want?

Even with the release of Kirby Crystal Shards for the N64, I still think it's the best of Kirby games. This one did everything perfectly, but the first one was even more innovative. If anyone has a chance, they should try this game, they certainly won't regret it!

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