Is the Internet a Boon or a Bane for Society?


Is the Internet a boon or a plague for society?

The question is delicate. Is it almost like asking if eating ice cream is good or bad? It all depends on the stage of health that one is trying to eat. If you have the flu, of course, ice cream will be a disaster. However, in summer it can add to the fun and lovemaking. In general, ice cream means fun, and we have to follow the law of averages.

The question of whether the Internet is a boon or a scourge must also be decided by the law of averages. The invention of the Internet has benefited mankind on many dimensional levels. The percentage of those who have harmed the human race relates more to the evil side of the human spirit. The Internet is therefore a boon. Indeed.

Imagine the amount of things the Internet has done. First, it has broken world boundaries. He made it a playground. Whether for business, relationships, tourism, everyone has benefited exponentially.

The Internet has reconnected the broken threads of human relationships. Gone are the days when parents waited for this one call from their son abroad. A face that returned home after five years was all disconnected emotionally and materially. Today, the connection is back. Thanks to the Internet. Parents and children can share laughter, moments, money and photos at the same time, each time. The Internet has made contentment for most parents.

The advent of the Internet has even changed the world of business. Knowledge that was usually locked in mysterious elite school halls for a high price is accessible to anyone who has it in them. India is the perfect example of how the country has beautifully used the Internet to advance in the world order.

The Internet has made it easier for everyone to understand that there is more to life than the simple need to run on a silver track. This life goes beyond the usual mom and pop routine. That you can be what you want. For a mind with millions of dreams, the Internet has opened up endless opportunities. The moment of personal fulfillment in the law of hierarchy has arrived, thanks to the Internet.

The argument that the Internet is a scourge depends on how ready society is to use the tool for the right things. Once again, if we go back to the Indian example, the country with the huge young population was teeming with ideas, imagination and the Internet has just connected all these points. . They seized the opportunity in a magnificent way by changing the perception of the Indian world. World capital of "start-ups", Indians and the Internet are moving companions.

It is true that the Internet is also used for many crazy things. We regularly hear about heinous crimes happening around the world. The Internet is getting used to spreading these horrible acts. There is another phenomenon. Asian countries with multiple social norms have received a cultural shock with the Internet without borders. Many young adults have been exposed to things that parents would have liked to keep for a later date. The churning culture because of the Internet almost makes one feel that this infinite phenomenon has no end and that it has invaded our private worlds.

However, again to decide anything like a boon or a plague, one must first understand the complex socio-economic fabric from where the person sees the idea of ​​the Internet .

Boon or Bane? The internet is certainly a boon for today's society.

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