Insight into the Japanese Industrial Capitalist – A Great Multicultural Book to Read


Most of the business students who get their MBA from top US colleges and universities study all of the industrial capitalists of our time and earlier times. They know all about Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan, and they know all about economic process intellectuals like Friedrich Winslow Taylor, Charles Deming. Indeed, they evaluated the case studies of companies built to last. But we must remember that the United States is not the only capitalist business country in the world.

The closest second largest economy is Japan, and I’m asking you what do you know about their industrial capitalists or their big companies? Did you know that Japan’s economic GDP exceeds $ 5.5 trillion per year? That’s an incredible amount, and it’s higher than Germany, China, and all the other countries you’d expect to be at the top of the list.

Perhaps this is the reason why I have a number of Japanese business books on my shelf at home. If you are really interested in international business and you don’t need to graduate from Wharton Business School, then I would like to suggest a very good book, which will familiarize you with the creation of the biggest Japanese companies.

By the way, this book is next to the book; “Built to Last,” by Collins, Stanford University Business Professor, in my professional library at home. I would like to recommend this book to you;

“Success stories; How eleven of Japan’s most interesting companies were born ”, by Leonard Koren, Prodigal Book Publishers, San Francisco, 1990. Paperback. ISBN: 0877016356.

There are a lot of chapters and stories in this book, and I recommend you to read the chapters on Matsuishita, Mitsu Group, Honda and after that I think you will understand a lot more about Japanese business history than 99% of the people of the United States. Indeed, I hope you please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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