Impossible Dreams


I believe we are all presented with these wonderful ideas when we dream, but it is only a few who recognize that we are receiving these messages from our subconscious. It's those few who take those messages and work with them, creating words, sounds, and visuals that we all seem to connect with. I wonder then if many of us are actually getting the same signals we dream of, which is why we seem to connect with one artist or writer rather than another. Maybe in their lyrics, their music, and their art, we recognize a little something that may have gone through our minds while we were sleeping.

When we were kids, we all had dreams, waking or asleep, about what we wanted to be growing up. Not everyone's goal is to be a great rock star or write the next great American novel, and it can be something as simple as wanting to follow a certain career path. The question then is whether these dreams fade away because we feel like we are forgetting them, or if we just give up on them because we don't really believe we have the skills to make them come true. Think about what you wanted to be a kid and I bet 99% of you are doing something completely different today. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it just means that we settled down for something else, for one reason or another. Those who keep making their dreams come true are the ones who never settled down and never stopped dreaming.

"So many of our dreams seem impossible at first, then they seem improbable, and then when we invoke the will, they quickly become inevitable. – Christopher Reeve.

Many little kids dream of donning a cape and becoming a day-saving superhero on a regular basis. While this is a dream you can't really hope to achieve, Christopher Reeve has come as close as possible to it. He made a name for himself as Superman, largely because he followed his acting dream and never stopped until he did. he reaches the top. His story would be pretty great if it ended there, but he became a true Superman, even after a horrific injury left him paralyzed. Where many people would have chosen to wallow in self-pity, Mr. Reeve got up and fought to try to find a way to help himself. -same and others in his condition. Her dreams changed dramatically after her accident, but her pursuit of this new dream was even more dramatic than her dreams of taking the stage.

Christopher Reeve may very well be the perfect example of what you can achieve if you choose to pursue your dreams. He may have passed before he achieved his end goal of walking again, but he touched the lives of millions of people in the process, many of whom would continue to carry the torch he was ultimately to hand over.

Dreams can be fleeting, and some come and go before we wake up, but when you find a dream that truly calls out to you, it's up to you to choose to follow it no matter what someone is. another thinks of your decision. I had small dreams as a kid, mostly of playing professional basketball, and I chased that as hard as I could, until a miss capacity finally catches up with me. As I got older I learned that I love to write and would do it whenever I can. I might not have made the list of the world's greatest writers and probably never will, but I write regularly and live my dream. Are you living yours?

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