Idaho – Dream Trails for ATV Riders


There is a reason why Idaho is considered a dream land for all ATV enthusiasts … with 2 million square feet of lush forest and government support, every year, ATV enthusiasts flock to the state just to indulge in their favorite sport. In fact, not only mountain bikers love this place, but everyone who is interested in 4×4 loves it. Take a look at the Boise National Forest alone – it's truly a mountain biking paradise!

Most trails are versatile, making it flexible for most 4×4 enthusiasts as well as mountain bikers. At Bull Creek alone, there is a 35-foot-long bridge that will give you a run for your money – whether experienced or novice riders. It is also considered the perfect place to take your family for an exciting vacation. When we talk about ATV and Idaho in the same conversation, we will also be talking about Danskin trails. The Danskin Trails is an incredibly massive network of trails designed for motorcycles, ATVs and 4WD. In addition to that, the trails are designed to adapt to the different level of expertise of each runner. The novice runner might want to familiarize themselves with the trail before embarking on the real thing, as the trails are often designed to attract medium-skilled runners. The reason is that the tracks can get quite slippery, especially during the rainy seasons.

Idaho is a state that is also rich in nature – which means that whenever you ride, you can feed your heart with a splendid view of mountains, jungles and naked Mother Nature like Round Valley and Long Valley . The trails are often shared with other types of riders, especially motorcyclists, which is why we have to know our way around the place before we set off for the real thing. Be careful that many other drivers are not as experienced as you are in controlling your vehicle.

If the jungle is not your cup of tea, you may want to give st. Anthony Sand Dunes to try. The St. Anthony Sand Dune is a huge piece of sandy land that measures approximately 10,000 acres. The view is something to see. The fact remains that whether you are mountain biking or not, you will be caught.

So take your family to Idaho today … we are pretty sure you will be totally delighted.

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