How To Turn $100 Into A Million Dollars


Financial success is difficult to achieve when people don't have a lot of money to start. I have pondered this dilemma and come to a logical conclusion, which has enormous potential for those who can grasp the simplicity of the concept.

Let's debunk and / or clarify a few points: First, it doesn't take a lot of money to make money. Second, it is true that you can make more money by selling products than services. Why? Because your potential income from services is limited to your ability to provide an amount of service per hour. While; a product can be produced and delivered at almost infinite levels depending on consumer demand and production capacity.

It is also true that millionaires have a superior perspective on how to make money from the common person and this can be proven by the fact that not everyone is a millionaire.

So how does a millionaire make millions? By investing money in things and ideas that "make money" …

Millionaires want a return on their investments and return on investment is the key to success. The problem for most people who dream of winning a million dollars is how to go from zero, or almost zero to a million – this is where mental blockage occurs. People cannot understand and give up, find a job and do what everyone else does, follow subscribers.

As I pondered this question, I realized that earning a million dollars, without inertia, was a complex and fundamentally unattainable means, and that is why most people cannot afford it. ; reach. Then the simplicity of the process struck me. The way to make a million dollars from a hundred dollars. The KEY is KING. The key is to get smart and apply a rule of thumb to everything you do and here is the formula that will allow you to take $ 100.00 and turn it into a million:

Whatever you invest with your money, double your profits when you sell it. It’s that simple. Knowing this, then you have to buy / invest in something (anything) for the lowest possible price with your initial $ 100.00 so that when you sell it, you get your original investment back, cover all of your costs associated with selling the product, and after the dust settles, you have $ 200.00. Then repeat the process. It's a bit like the angle "double a penny every day for 30 days" where after 30 days you have a million dollars … only it's more convenient because you are trading a product for money rather than just doubling pennies without a source for pennies.

Let me repeat: invest $ 100.00 in any product so that when you sell it, it will be valued to recover all of your costs and double your money. Then repeat the process. This product could be anything from A to Z. The key is to buy low, sell high and double your initial investment. If you cannot double the investment according to this theory, do not invest. Let's look at math:

Initial investment of $ 100.

First return on investment of $ 200

ROI of $ 400

$ 800 for a third return on investment

$ 1600 – fourth

$ 3,200 -fifth

$ 6,400 -sixth

$ 12,800 – seventh

$ 25,600-eight

$ 51,200 -ninth

$ 102,400 – tenth

$ 204,800-eleventh (1/4 million)

$ 409,600 twelfth (1/2 million)

$ 819,200 thirteenth (nearly one million)

$ 1,638,400 fourteenth (almost $ 2 million)

Instead of thinking about “earning a million dollars”, change your thinking by “doubling your money” on everything you invest and start small. In fact, starting with $ 50.00 only adds one more step to earning a million dollars. Don't have $ 50.00? Start with $ 25.00, you get the point. I have thought about this and here is a truth: if you cannot implement this simple and logical plan to earn a million dollars, the chances are extremely high that you will never become a millionaire. Why? Because if you can't do the little things first, you will never do the big things. Start with everything you have to invest and double your return on investment.

I don't know about you, but as I read this, I think about my potential investments.

Think about it …

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James W. Hart, IV

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