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How To Play Video Games


The obvious answer is no, you shouldn't, but at the same time it raises questions about what we do as a society and what we miss. Instead of going and realizing dreams and reaching goals, we sit in front of a YouTube screen watching others have fun. A good example of this is a YouTube star named PewDiePie. PewDiePie is famous for his videos where he will play and comment on video games.

It sounds like a fun little hobby, but to him it's a full-time job where he raised over $ 7 million in 2014 himself and at one point was bought by Disney. Now what does that say about a company when instead of playing video games, we are now watching other people have fun playing it. It is strange that we have the need to watch someone accomplish their goals or dreams and never achieve any of ours. Another good example is the importance of celebrity gossip in our society (an easy pun on this article). Sure, you must have heard of the Kardashians, or maybe a hundred other celebrities you have heard of, but you know nothing. What is our strategy, why do we sit and eat all this information when it has nothing to do with us in our daily life?

We want to accomplish something, but speaking of all this nonsense, nothing is actually accomplished. Perhaps we should stop talking, complaining or making fun of things that don't concern us and start taking care of things that are. By doing this, we can actually accomplish what we want to do instead of looking at what others are accomplishing. At the same time, of course, some people like to make jokes to other people they don't know, or complain about them and they receive benefits. Watching Shia LeBeouf's video, there are videos of puns that received tens of millions of views. "Shia LeBeouf – Just Do It" is a complete joke about herself. It's entertaining and funny with a bunch of stupid moves. This is what we need. We need something fun to watch, but at the same time the video has to be motivating. While this is a joke in itself, it does what it wants and tries to get others to do it too by the power of motivation. So instead of watching other people achieve what they want via YouTube and other means, go achieve yours. JUST DO IT!


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