How to Make $6 Million in the Stock Market


Can you earn $ 6 million in the stock market? Sure. Start with $ 10 million and lose 40%. I mean I have no way of knowing where you come from. But I did know a trader who took his $ 50,000 account and ran it up to $ 6 million in just 5 years.

How did he do it? He would simply look for the best, strongest stock in each market cycle and launch into that stock. Its initial stop was 10% to 15% and it removed these corrections of 20% + along the way. Often, when he doubled his money, he then borrowed leverage from his stockbroker to buy more. He would hold these shares for 6 to 12 months and often earn 200% of his money. Then he looked for the next one. He told me that he had only made 6 trades during this 5 year period to get this amount.

He arrived at the stage where "house money" was sold. Often he would say to me "well, even if I knock here, I only lose money from the house. It doesn't matter. It was a brave exchange. And it is the only way for anyone to make such massive gains. No fund manager or professional fund would dream of investing this way. Their jobs would never allow it.

How did it end for this trader? Well, it was all in a stock called CROX in 2007 and it fell 30% overnight. He lost more than $ 2 million in one night. Ouch,. but to make matters worse, he continued to suffer a million dollar loss. What loser, right? I mean you go there, everyone said he was playing. He told me he expected this day to come someday. You "play with fire, you will burn yourself" But then what? He still raised an account from $ 50,000 to over $ 3 million in five years. Do you know of funds that, as always, come close to that?

What lessons can be learned?

There is no doubt about it if you want big stock market gains, you have to take bigger risks and be more focused. Diversification will best translate into average results.

You need 100% conviction and confidence in your trading method and to be able to trade it.

Scared money can't do it. You almost don't have to worry about losses and draws.

Huge stock market gains are possible and have been made by traders.

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