How To Go From Millionaire To Decamillionaire


Generally, the average person is sick and tired of trying to get ahead. They have had enough. They work from day to night giving their whole life to their employer. All they get is survival. Every day we hear stories of people getting rich overnight. Why them and why not me, we ask ourselves?

Let's decide to change it all and if we want to find a way to go ahead, be someone and create something worthwhile. It comes back to me, if it's going to be. Yes, make this year the year of resolution and it is the good resolutions that can make the difference.

As soon as we decide to go ahead, the Spanish crabs come out, the knockers. They are not strangers, they have existed since the beginning of history.

Alexander Graham Bell had them. His problems were made worse by the knockers of his day. One of the problems was his impatient financial support, Gardiner Hubbard, who wrote: "Your entire Bell course has been a huge disappointment to me".

Hubbard commented to his lawyer: "Bell seems to spend all of his energies on the speaking telegraph. It is very interesting scientifically, but has no commercial value … I don't want to spend my time and my money for what will not bring reward. " How wrong he was. How many times have we heard words like this in our life?

Alexander's father and mother viewed his investigations as a waste of time and money. His father told him that the wisest thing would be to sell his plans. Take what you can get and get out.

Did Bell listen to the knockers? We all know the result. Bell has amassed a fortune and millions of dollars. Where did Bell learn to earn money?

If I could find someone to give you the secrets of financial wisdom, wealth and fortune that are known only to the wealthy and the wealthy, and I have guaranteed and personally supported this guarantee , what would you give me in return?

Let's put it in its proper perspective. History has shown that people gave their lives for honor, respect, loyalty, love and I believe that people would give most of what they have now in exchange for wealth, fortune and happiness.

Suppose we found someone to give us the secrets but the condition for receiving your prize was that you had to climb and retrieve it in a very high mountain.

People being people are generally too incredulous and apprehensive. Some said to themselves, "I couldn't do that". I have never climbed so high. I would arrive halfway and give up. This is what some people said to themselves before they even tried, beaten by their thoughts before acting.

People react this way because they grew up in a world of negativity. In fact, over 95% of our thoughts are negative. It is this type of thinking that gives people the desperate hope of moving forward.

How can we solve this problem? There is only one way and that is to train ourselves to think differently. To get a different result, we have to do something different from what we did. Gradually we can reverse the process from negativity to positivity.

For example, let's start with what we think about risk taking. In general, people say that they do not like to take risks and that the mere mention of the word, risk, evokes negative thoughts in their minds.

Forbes magazine and other industry data tell us that there is a very strong correlation between willingness to take risks and level of wealth.

The truth is that we are all risk takers. We do it every day and don't realize it. Did you know that we already have the wealth factors in us? It is only the degree of risk that separates people.

Whenever we cry, we risk appearing sentimental or when we expose our inner feelings, we risk being vulnerable. Every time we drive a car, we risk being in an accident. When we ask, we risk embarrassment and rejection. When we try to reach, we risk failing.

People, who run very little risk, usually get very little, but if they get very little, the cost is extremely high. Whether we like it or not, we have to take risks. The worst thing a person can do is to risk nothing. You can stay in a corner all your life, but the person who risks nothing generally receives nothing and turns out to be nothing.

Of course, they can avoid suffering, but they lose the ability to learn, to feel, to change, to grow or even to love. Only a person at risk is truly free. The secret to living with risk is to keep the risks to a minimum.

What do most self-taught millionaires have in common? They have courage and a "risk mentality". Do you have the courage to take financial risks, with good returns? The courage to take financial risks does not mean that you have to be a player.

The most basic form of financial risk taking that we all know is simply related to our choice of profession or vocation. A disproportionately high percentage of millionaires, decamillionaires and billionaires are independent business owners and entrepreneurs.

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