House – Hunting: Balancing Emotional And Logic Needs


Since, for most of us, our home is the most important financial asset, it wouldn't make sense, to do whatever we can, to choose one , which meets as many of our needs, priorities, perceptions and goals as possible? How can one take advantage of this important component of the so called American Dream, if it makes owning a home a stressful chore rather than a rewarding experience? When one starts his house – hunt he should, do whatever he can. to proceed, with a head / heart balance, therefore, to be able to take advantage, at the same time, of the finer aspects of our logical and emotional components! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to consider, examine, revisit, and discuss what it means and stands for, and how, it will make the process much less stressful, more fulfilling, and more satisfying.

1. Logic: Examine your reasons / goals for wanting to buy a house! When you begin your search, know what you are looking for. Are you just trying to impress others, Follow the Jones? Or will you fully consider your personal priorities, needs, goals, both now and in the future? Do you know what you can afford, both upfront (including down payment, closing costs, prepaid expenses, etc.), as well as on an ongoing monthly basis? What is your personal comfort zone and is it realistic or needs to be broadened? Will you both buy what you need and can afford, or will you become rich / poor? Also, it is important to consider what your current needs are and what do you foresee in the future? Will you be happy to live in this region? Have you taken into account costs, value for money, transportation / commute needs and convenience, places of worship, shops, schools, safety and other necessities? ? Do you think, why you want, a specific house?

2. Emotional: Most people develop some kind of emotional connection with their home, because of life experiences, while living there. However, many do not take into account and / or recognize the emotional forces that guide our decision-making process. These aspects include making a connection and visualizing what it might mean and represent, to live in a specific house.

It is only when one proceeds, from the start, with a head / heart balance, and with full consideration of one's needs, priorities and goals, that one will maximize the potential, for make the best possible choice. Will you be a savvy home buyer?

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