Fullfilling Your Dreams, As a Senior Citizen


Today there are 30 million elderly people. In 2030, there will be 70 million. The upper years can be an opportunity to realize dreams. Think of the joy of these 70 million seniors if they believe they still have time to live their dreams. Think of how happier and better our world will be when it is filled with people who are productive, do good and live fulfilling lives in their final years.

When we were young, we each dreamed of what we wanted to do with our lives. Unfortunately, many of us have never realized these dreams.

Why? We may have had parents who did not provide us with the opportunities we needed when we were young. We may have married young, had children, and the responsibilities of life have taken over. Before we knew it, we were elderly and we thought we were too old to live our dreams.

I am happy to announce that I am not one of those who live with regret or wish to have done more with their lives. Today I am 67 years old and I live my dreams.

I had three dreams when I was little. My first, to be married, have children and be a good mother with a happy family. My second, to be an artist and my third dream was to be a missionary.

Fortunately, I have realized my three dreams and I am starting new ones.

My husband and I have been married for 48 years. We have three wonderful adult children and nine grandchildren. Why was this dream so important to me? My father was an alcoholic and my mother was emotionally ill. My childhood was sad and troubled. I desperately wanted a happy family like some of my friends. I was lucky to see this dream come true because I worked hard to make it happen.

Over the years, I have never forgotten my dreams of becoming an artist and missionary. I just put them on hold. These dreams took a long time to arrive, but today my dreams have come true.

How have I achieved my long-awaited dreams in my last years?

Change is the answer! Life does not always stay the same. A door in our life may close, but a new door always opens and we must be ready for it. When my children grew up and started their own lives, that left me in an empty nest. I was smart enough to use it as a launch pad to direct me to my lifelong dreams. I now had time to pursue them.

I started by going back to university and taking a speech course. I took it to overcome my shyness and to learn to be more sociable, I would have a chance to be an artist. You should know that I had no musical training and that I could not play an instrument so I had big dreams.

The class was a big step towards my dreams. I discovered that I was a pretty good speaker and I was asked to be part of the college's speech team. I have traveled all over the United States competing with my speeches with intelligent teenagers. It was so much fun and I won a national award. I joined Toastmasters and became president of my club. I took a standing comedy class. For many years, I have spoken for Mother's Against Drunk Driving because I was the victim of a drunk driver when I was a teenager. All of this helped me gain confidence and encouraged me to see what I could do as an artist.

I started learning words from old songs and participated in a talent contest for the city of San Diego and won another award. For several years, I have been the master of ceremonies for the same talent show and their variety show at the San Diego fair.

At 60, I started to have fun in retirement homes and learn to play the piano and the guitar. I started writing my own music. I produced 60 songs and played my music on 150 radio stations. For several years I have been entertaining with my own show using my own music for many functions.

I feel like I have really fulfilled my second dream of becoming an artist. I wrote a book to encourage others to do the same called "You Must Have a Dream".

Realizing my third dream, becoming a missionary, was a wonderful blessing for me. Because I was speaking for MADD, I was asked to speak at Juvenile Hall in San Diego. Because of my involvement with incarcerated children, I started my own program called "Be a winner in life". that I have presented for ten years to more than 10,000 young people. From that, I wrote two books to help children "Be a Winner in Life" and "Letters From Juvenile Hall, Kids Helping Kids."

This work helped me to be a missionary with these children by teaching them real values ​​and principles of life. My books help me share the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the joy it brings.

I am an elderly person now and very grateful to God for being able to realize the dreams of my heart.

We can all live to be 100 years old. How will your life go? I hope that when your life is over, you will have no regrets and you will never have to say "I wish", "if only", but rather you will say: "I & # 39; I have lived my life fully and I have no regrets. I have loved my life because I have lived my dreams! This is what I feel about my life. I am so thankful. The Lord has truly blessed me. I pray that He will bless you too.

My books can be purchased at http://www.evafry.com . I hope they will encourage you to live your dreams.

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