Fishing Tackle Review: Daiwa’s 7HT Millionaire Mag ST Multiplier Fishing Reel


Recreational fishing is a very popular sport in Europe as well as in other countries which have wonderful fishing avenues. According to statistics, an estimated 500 million people benefit from a thriving fishing industry. The popularity of recreational fishing has given birth to many fishing clubs, competitions as well as the latest innovations in fishing. You could say that the sport of the gentleman has indeed evolved over the years. Extensive research and technology is now used by modern fishing companies as well as manufacturers of fishing gear. Daiwa is one of those companies that has a passion and a commitment to serve recreational fishermen around the world. They simply produce the best high-tech fishing gear available on the market. Here is some information on the Daiwa Mag ST 7HT Millionaire Multiplier fishing reel.

Key features of Daiwa 7 ST Millionaire Mag ST Multiplier Fishing Reel

The Daiwa Mag ST 7HT Millionaire Multiplier Fishing Reel presents a very unique innovation called Magnofuge. It is the heart and soul of 7HT Millionaire Mag. The Magnofuge is an intelligent magnetic control system that allows the coil to slow down during casting. As the spool reaches its maximum revolutions at the start of casting and the centrifugal force slows down, the Magnofuge comes into action and brakes slowly, applying meticulous adjustments to the magnetic resistance of the spool. This gives you all the power and control you've always wanted in fishing gear.

More aboutDaiwa 7 ST Millionaire Mag ST Multiplier Fishing Reel

Control, speed, power and much more, the Daiwa 7 ST Millionaire Mag ST multiplier fishing reel is one of the finest fishing gear ever designed. Aside from the Magnofuge, it also has Infinite Anti Reverse technology which limits shock to the coil. It has a rigid aluminum frame and 5-point support and low chassis crossbars for maximum durability. It also houses six ball bearings, five of which are Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings (CRBB) for high acceleration and smoothness that could resist sand, salt crystals and other abrasive substances. The 7 ST Millionaire Mag ST Multiplier Fishing Reel is also equipped with a high quality brass drive gear and a stainless pinion gear. It has a professional feel with its comfortable handle and its quick reel. It weighs 12.2 oz with a line capacity of 300 to 15 lb and a recovery ratio of 5.8: 1. A true work of art and ingenuity, this incredible fishing gear was considered the reel the more regulated that exists with a tolerance of up to 400%.

Final thoughts onDaiwa 7 ST Millionaire Mag ST Multiplier Fishing Reel

The Daiwa 7 ST Millionaire Mag ST fishing reel is simply the most innovative fishing reel to date. The 7HT's unique magnetic braking system places it at the top of the fishing tackle industry. You can surely count on this incredible reel because it surely delivers and will be up to any challenge you might encounter at sea.

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