Financial Freedom, Is It Only A Dream or Just Steps Away?


Almost all of us go to work every day and do the same routine over and over again. We work so hard until we find ourselves in the rut for years. With the salary we earn every day, we try to pay all of our bills. We always expect to get a higher salary, get a promotion or run our business better so that we can make more money. But we don't realize that when we had more income, we also spent more money on our needs. After working for two, five or even ten years, we just realize that we have been in the frenzy of our financial problems.

So being financially free is just a dream for us, we don't think it's possible. We have already decided that we will retire after 40 years of work and then start enjoying our life after that. I don't want to do this.

What if you could get financial freedom faster than 40? What if I can show you how to achieve financial freedom in 5 years? Wouldn't that be interesting for you?

There are couple stages in achieving financial freedom.

First of all, you need to have the right mindset. Your state of mind is who you are. You've heard the old adage "You are what you think you are". It's true, when you think you will always be poor, you will always be poor. When you think you are a loser, you will always be a loser. When you think you are short then you will always be short. You know what I mean? Unless you want to change your state of mind in a positive way, there is no way you can make your dream come true, which is financially free. You have to believe in yourself and think that it is possible for you to achieve financial freedom. From this kind of state of mind you will gain a different power within yourself and attitudes that will guide you until you reach your goal.

Second, if you have the right mindset, you have to change the bad habit that you have. If you don't have the money, don't spend it! Our society nowadays has a whole new habit that doesn't exist centuries ago. We can spend our money before we earn it! This is true; I am talking about credit card. If possible, cut off any credit cards that are not in use. We will be easily trapped in this financial mousetrap with all the credit cards lying around our tables. We need to be disciplined by only keeping one or two credit cards that we often only use in an emergency.

If you are using your credit card, please do so within your current budget, not your future budget. A lot of people get trapped because they use their credit card according to their "future" budget.

For example, Bob was just promoted this week, and his salary will be increased next month. He was so happy with it, then he spends his future salary on his credit card. This is the mistake we often make. In short, don't spend it until you have it in your "pocket".

Third, don't put your money in the bank for too long. We often forget that if we put our money in the bank, the value of money will drop so quickly. The interest rate the bank gives is much lower than the inflation rate every year. We always have to be smart with our money. The bank doesn't care about our money; in fact, they made the most of our money.

We have to find the perfect investment. I suggest you go to your financial advisor to ask their best advice. They will research your needs and can offer you the investments suited to your needs.

Fourth, if we really want to be financially free, we must earn passive income. There are many ways to earn passive income. First of all, we can start our own business which can function without us. So in short, you can build a system that can work for you. It doesn't have to be big; you can start it with a small business, like a grocery store. Most importantly, you need to have a system in place that works without you.

Another way to get passive income is to be able to do a franchise. Franchising these days has increased dramatically in recent years. This industry allows the owner to adapt an already established and proven system. If you don't want to build your own system, you can buy a franchise and run it.

Last but not least, you can always join network marketing. Network Marketing is very reasonable for people who don't have big capital. Opening your own business or franchising a business can cost you a fortune, but network marketing usually costs very little to start up. You can still find a good network marketing business and stay with the business for 5 years. There you can learn how to build your network and achieve financial freedom.

These are couple steps you can take to achieve financial freedom. Every journey begins with a small step. So you can start your own journey to financial freedom by starting it with a small step. Don't waste your time, because time is so precious that we cannot turn back time. Hope this entire article helps you realize that everyone needs financial freedom, before they get stuck in their routine for years to come.

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