Famous Women of Today – Smart, Strong and Exceptional


The famous women of today have earned their fame and fortune through sex appeal, intelligence, politics, luck, faith or, even for some, ridiculous. The way they managed to reach their pedestal is of no consequence. What's important is how they managed to grab hold of it for months, years, or even a lifetime.

In 2011, People Magazine named Jennifer Lopez "the most beautiful woman in the world" alive, and consumers warmly agree, as this is the 10th time that Ms. Lopez has entered the pages of the magazine. J-Lo, as she is also known by, starred in more than 10 films, published dozens of music hits and danced through the dreams of millions of American men. His career has lasted almost 20 years and is still going well as we continue to follow the career of this famous actor / singer / judge / model.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords joins our list of famous women today for her courage, conviction and strength through her ordeals and public image. MP Giffords was shot dead at a rally and almost lost her life in the head. Almost 6 months later, Representative Giffords survives her assassination attempt with the strength of a great politician. It is believed that the attempt on his life was due to his work on tougher immigration laws to protect the jobs, economy and well-being of Americans. As the nation prays for a rapid recovery, we hope to see it rise to defend the American dream.

Jennifer Lopez earned her stripes then singing in Hollywood, while MP Giffords worked hard and was elected by the people to her current position. However, some choose other methods to attract and maintain their fame. Stefani Germanotta uses flashy and original music videos and clothes for advertising. Better known as Lady Gaga, her music is known to everyone, young and old, because of her lime public relations campaign of wearing the most ridiculous and provocative dresses and clothes known to the world. ;humanity.

Her music is interesting with fun lyrics and eye candy videos, but nothing to worry about, but she has retained America's favor from time to time for the past two years. While Jennifer Lopez stuns on and off the red carpet with and without makeup, Lady Gaga is good, not so gorgeous and proves that sex appeal marketing is not necessary to make a name for yourself.

In conclusion, whether you get your fame from an exceptional spirit and ideas or from your appearance and setting, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you can keep our attention as long as possible to become one of the famous women in the world today. We will keep our eyes and ears open for more singers, actors, politicians and brains, because American consumers are rapidly changing their preferences, because a huge collective attention deficit disorder will constantly put them new women in the spotlight.

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