Expand your window cleaning business with a water-fed pole system


When most window cleaning companies clean the windows of commercial buildings that have a lot of high windows, they use either tall ladders or boom lifts. Sometimes the use of these tools is necessary for the job. However, in many cases there is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to clean windows in multi-story buildings. This method is called a Water Fed Pole System and allows you to effectively clean most windows without ever leaving the floor.

What is a water-fed pole? The water-fed pole is a system that uses water deionization tanks and a pole capable of reaching up to four stories to clean windows. The water-fed pole system takes ordinary tap water from a building’s outdoor water service connection and passes it through a purification system. In this process, all minerals, chemicals and other pollutants are removed from the water.

After the water has passed through the purification tanks, it is then routed to an extension pole with a brush at the end of it. There is another hose attached which passes the soap through to the brush. Once the glass is scrubbed with soap, the di water rinses it. The reason for using purified water is that it eliminates the need for a squeegee. As such, it also eliminates the risk of streaks or drips on the glass as the di water dries smudge free. When using the water-powered pole, you can clean windows safely and efficiently without ever leaving the floor.

Although the Water Fed Pole is much more effective than conventional window cleaning for the window washer in general, many customers find that it benefits them as well. First, having window cleaners on top of ladders and elevators is dangerous, which equates to liability. With the Water Fed Pole system, everyone stays on the ground at all times, eliminating the responsibility of knocking someone down or dropping something.

Second, using ladders or elevators to clean multi-story windows is very time-consuming. In the window cleaning business, time is money. The longer your window cleaners need to complete the job, the more they will have to charge you. That’s why, when using the water-powered pole, you can usually give a significantly better price than a conventional window cleaner for the same job.

Finally, when using the water-powered pole, window cleaners can do a better job of cleaning windows than a conventional window cleaning company. Not only is it safer, faster and cheaper, but the quality of work is better with a water-fed pole. With the water-fed post, there are no drips, no ridges, no margins, and there’s no mess. Since the water used is 100% free of everything, the water dries without leaving traces. This system leaves your clients’ building windows looking like new.

You can also clean awnings and signs on your customers’ building using a water-fed pole as effectively as you can clean windows.

Source by Tanner Larsson

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