Elvis Presley Had Great Karma!


Elvis Presley was one of the most popular artists of the 20th century. Although Elvis is gone, he's certainly not forgotten. He seems to be as popular in death as he is in life. In fact, some would say Elvis is even more popular than ever.

Elvis made the American dream come true. He gained fame and wealth. But while he enjoyed extreme fame and fortune, some argue he couldn't enjoy the fruits of his labor. Many books have been published and stories told by Elvis insiders that he tried to take advantage of his wealth by giving to others.

Elvis just couldn't buy a new car and take a ride on the road. In fact, he has tried this several times. However, whenever Elvis was seen on the road, a traffic jam would develop as a large number of people would want to see him up close.

So Elvis tried to enjoy the fruits of his labor in other ways. He would buy cars, jewelry, houses, and other big-ticket items and give them to others. It is said that Elvis once went to a new car dealership, bought a new automobile, and asked a stranger if he liked him.

When the stranger nodded, yes, Elvis handed him the keys and told them to take them. I believe Elvis appreciated his wealth by sharing it with others. He would give these expensive items as gifts and get a blessing from their reaction.

Most of the time, their reaction was tears of joy and happiness. Elvis not only had the pleasure of giving gifts to others, but it became a way of life for him. I read a story where Elvis and Priscilla bought one of his employees a new home. Elvis and Priscilla showed up at Charlie Hodge's apartment and asked him and his wife to accompany them somewhere.

They took them to a neighborhood in Memphis and asked them if they liked a particular house. After viewing the house, Elvis and Priscilla took them to the real estate office and proceeded to purchase the house for them. The couple were newly married and had a child on the way. A house that has been paid has helped a lot in managing their finances.

They say karma is real. If so, Elvis Presley had great karma. Elvis couldn't give things away, until more wealth accumulated for him. It seems that wealth followed Elvis wherever he went.

Perhaps it is because of his generous giving and sharing with others that has helped him gain such great wealth on his own. Can you imagine what it would have been like to be at a new car dealership and walk-in Elvis and handing you the keys to a new car?

It is recorded and documented that Elvis did just that, more times than one could count.

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