Educational Board Games For One and All


Board games have existed for several centuries. However, today they are no longer just entertainment tools for defeating rivals / opponents. They have evolved a lot, from the most traditional dice games to educational board games that combine fun and learning.

These can be fun and useful tools both in the classroom and in a playroom. Family board games are perfect for family reunions! Some of the “must haves” who teach and also provide fun are:

Scrabble: This is one of the old favorites, which allows players to rearrange their chosen letters to find new words that can connect with letters of words already played. It is indeed an exciting and stimulating game where "every word counts". It is actually the only game where you can actually play with words.

Pictionnaire: In this game, players convey the meaning of a word without using letters but by drawing pictures. Geography Pictionary is a good example in this category.

Are you smarter than a grade 5 student: This game is taken from a popular TV show. This game tests your knowledge of anecdotes based on a 5th grade level. It is also a great option for adults.

History games: These are exclusively designed for history buffs or for those who are weak in the subject. Some of the popular games in this category are the Civil War game, the Lewis and Clark adventure game, the Trail Blazer game and Professor Noggins famous invention game, etc.

For preschoolers: Kids in this age group love the Goodnight Moon game and the Very Hungry Caterpillar game. These games prepare them for school.

For children of elementary age: Money Bags and Great States are some of the popular games for this age group.

Preadolescents and adolescents: This group loves the Totally Gross and Perplexcity games. These are perfect for children who become very restless at this age.

The list is unlimited, the trick is to try new options and learn. For example, if your child needs specific help in certain subjects, look for games that focus on math, language, spelling, etc. have fun together. They will always learn, but will be too busy to notice!

And last but not least; try online shopping for educational board games to get the best deal in terms of quality and value for money.

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