EBook Writing Tips: How To Make A PDF eBook And Market It


Is there a book in you? Start with a PDF eBook. Where is your interest? Fiction or self-help books? In this article, I discuss both.

To create a fictional or self-help PDF eBook, it is best to start typing in an MS Word document.

If it is a fictional or self-help book that you are typing, it is best to write a rough draft on paper and then quickly type it on an MS Word document.

You just don’t want to write ordinary or average fiction or a self-help book. Whether it’s a paid or free book that you write to grab the attention of your right audience, it’s best to write a brilliant and innovative book that your audience will enjoy.

For fictional eBooks, write an interesting story based on your life experience. In this case, you won’t have to work hard to create imaginary characters and create a plot. You just have to write the story as you know it and type it into MS Word.

On the other hand, self-help books can be in the area of ​​health and fitness, improving self-confidence or the power of concentration and everything in between. There are a lot of books in these niches so you will need to come up with a killer title with superb and innovative content.

The eBook you are writing on Self Help should give insightful solutions to one or two problems. It should be something new that helps attract readers to your niche.

Fiction and self-help books should contain copyright information, disclaimers, table of contents, page numbers, preface, introduction, and upcoming chapters on your story in case of fiction or on the self-help title you have chosen for your self-help eBook.

When you have finished writing and typing, carefully reread your chapters three times. This gives you the benefit of making your eBook free from grammar / spelling mistakes.

Your eBook, whether fiction or self-help, should also have a glamorous electronic cover that you can design yourself by getting appropriate images from the web and using matching / contrasting colors to the fonts for your book title and author’s name. You can also choose suitable font styles. Or if you don’t want to endure the pain, you can get professional help.

Once your MS Word document is in place and ready, convert it to PDF using the “Save as PDF” option. You can then upload your file to the landing page of your download URL at the backend level. Then send the signup page URL to your subscribers for your new eBook and promote it on your Facebook page and website as well. You are likely to attract many subscribers who download your paid or free eBook. This way, not only do you get subscribers, but you also gain publicity for your eBooks. And once the word is out, more people will subscribe to your newsletters and buy and read your eBooks. It looks good?

Source by Rosina S Khan

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