Doctors-How to Make Your Wife Feel Like A Million Bucks! (Even If You’ve Been Married For 30 Years)


Good medicine?

So why not leave it good enough alone? Do I really have the energy to make my wife feel like a million bucks? Well, taking care of our relationships with our loved ones is a good remedy.

Having someone to love and nurture is an integral part of being human.

Equally important is having someone who loves and nurtures us.

Life and success are much sweeter when you have someone to share them with.

What's the point of a great story with no one to tell?

Love is the spice of life!

But if…

But what if your love life isn't so sweet? What if you feel like you've tried everything and she still isn't happy? And you either? So what?

There is bad news and there is good news …

The bad news is that relationships take work to maintain their quality. Over time we all tend to get comfortable with each other and before you know it we take each other for granted, push each other's boundaries and just ignore each other. .

Now you might be saying, but she doesn't like me. I work 70 hours a week to support my family and all she can do is complain about not sharing enough of myself. Or, I can't find a time when we don't have a fight or give each other the silent treatment.

Well, these are real issues to talk about. But, you can benefit from letting the past go.

Before, you might have thought you should learn from the mistakes of the past, and sometimes it is. But, when we are so moved about the issues and arguments of the past, that we are not in the mood to try and make things better in our marriage, then maybe it is time to forgive or at least to forget.

I don't want to blame one partner or another. It takes two to tango.

But, if you are fed up with feeling seedy every time you come home, then taking the first step or two to improving the relationship is what you need to do.

Now your next thought is probably, hey, why do I have to be the one to make the changes first? One thing about marriage, if you want to be truly married you have to stop counting.

So, are you ready to start the first day of your NEW wedding? The one where you can't wait to go home to your wife to tell her about your day? Where do you have a great vacation together? Where do you always feel loved, appreciated and respected?

Well, let's get started!

The good news…

Women like certain things. Doing these things will change the dynamics of the relationship dramatically and relatively quickly.

There are a lot of things you can do to kindle that old flame in your partner, to make her feel loved, cherished and yes, like a million bucks.

NOTE: Before reading any further, take some time to think about her and what she

Really cares. This step is very important to define your preference between the many behavior options in the Love Actions List.

Some women like to receive gifts, some just want you to sit down and talk to them, and some want you to respect them by helping out around the house. Finding the right “prescription” is important for success.

Speak to her heart

By examining the evidence your wife has given you, you can create a perfect love action plan for her. By the way, just knowing that you were thinking about her and her preferences would warm her heart. Write the answers to these questions from memory. Don't think if you'd like to recreate them, but write them down for now.

What did she like to do together, but now you usually don't have time?

Was there something she asked you to do that you delayed?

When do their eyes smile when you say or do certain things?

What places has she always wanted to go, but never made it?





Now, with these things in mind, read the list. Check off a few ideas that most closely match the ones you have above or any new idea that you think would make her really excited and happy.

Love Gift Actions List

□ First and foremost, I know it sounds too simple, but sometimes all a woman needs is attention and time. Reconnect with it with this simple formula:

Attention + time = millions of dollars!

Attention = Listen to her and really think about what is important to her.

Time = undivided. Find a place outside the house; leave cell phones and PDAs at home. Keep in mind that you may not have REALLY listened to her in a long time, so it may not be easy. TALK to him about what interests him. RESPOND by asking her additional questions and try to learn something new about her. Try to do this at least once a week.

Some questions to help you reconnect:

What regrets does she have and what challenges does she face?

What are his biggest fears?

What's the craziest thing she's ever done? Or wants to do?

What are his hopes and dreams for the future?

When she's older, how will she measure her success in the areas of family, love, and money?

□ Plan a weekend off where you can go away together. Ask her first where would she like to go? Spend time walking, eating, or just lounging. Bring her a special gift. Ask her what she really wants and wait patiently, saying that you want something that will remind her how special she is to you. Think back to when you were dating. Explain why you were attracted to her and why you

to fall in love.

□ Buy a card for her and write something special for her. Tell her what you value about her and how much you love her. Try some scrap paper first and see how it sounds.

Think about when you were going out. Would you have just scribbled I love you? Or would you have talked about how it looks, smells, etc. and how you feel when you see her or when you are near her?

□ Get your message across in different ways! The element of surprise can make life more fun and exciting. It also shows that you love him so much and can't wait to tell him. Write a post-it and put it in his briefcase. Leave a message on their voicemail or answering machine. A little goes a long way when it's not your normal behavior. She will start to notice the change in you.

□ Make an effort to speak highly of herself when talking to friends and family. When someone asks about the kids or their business, find a way to give them a glowing review or compliment. Her heart will swell and that in her mind will establish her as secure in your heart.

□ Do something new and fun together. Our busy lifestyles make us forget that fun is important. Instead of going golfing with your buddies, have her go to the amusement park or play a game with you. Do something that you haven't done before, or haven't done in many years. Bake a cake, sing together on the radio, play miniature golf; something not too competitive that gives you time to laugh together again.

Laughter is the best medicine for a tired marriage.

Now write down any ideas that come to your mind. Also write a date and time for the chosen activities. Be sure to ask her if her schedule is clear.

Date: ____________


Date: ____________


Date: ____________


Hope you found the inspiration for your next few days. But if you feel like there is too much tension between you, maybe you can start slow. The first suggestion of time and attention is usually a good start in any marriage. You may find that you need a supportive environment to get started. If so, the assistance is there.


Relationship coaches around the world are supportive and accountable to couples, helping them start life the way they always wanted to, but they did.

don't know how. Once a week, time is spent thinking about solutions to problems and issues with great results to keep their relationship healthy and fulfilling.

Start now!

Start making your wife feel like she's worth a million dollars now!

Let me know your experiences and how it changes your life!

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