Discover The 8 Steps To A Mountain Moving Faith


“If you have faith as a seed, you can say to this mountain: move! And she will move! And nothing will be impossible for you.

You can transform your life and your future if you discover and send the moving power of faith from the mountain into your life or work situation.

You can accomplish what seems impossible at first if you take the Eight Steps of Mountain Moving Faith.

There are many people who claim to live by faith but still perform poorly. We all know individuals who claim to exercise true faith, but accomplish little or nothing. What is wrong?

Often times failure is the result of too shallow faith.

Faith in mountain movement doesn't just touch your toes in the water. Faith in movement in the mountains is a faith that dares to enter the deep waters.

Now look at the eight steps to bring you to mountain moving faith.

a. Step 1: Dream.

Faith in motion in the mountains begins with a dream. "Success is the fulfillment of a worldwide dream!" Without question, the greatest power in the world is the power of a creative idea. All success begins with a dream. You can measure a man's or a woman's height by their dream size or here.

Faith begins with an act of imagination. "If you don't have a dream, how can dreams come true?"

Start now by using your power of the God within you to paint a picture of what you would like to accomplish. Cast aside all thoughts of impossibility and all disadvantage complexes. Imagine yourself as a friend of the Mighty, a partner of the Rich and a colleague of the Almighty.

Faith begins with a dream, but it must move to deeper levels before success is achieved.

b. Step 2: Desire.

Faith in deeper water wants something so badly that one day, one way or another, somewhere, one day you know you will have it. Faith is broken more by lack of desire than by real doubt.

No man or woman will ever believe that he or she can move a mountain unless he or she really wants that mountain to move. Almost anything can be accomplished by the person who really wants to be successful. The old adage is true: if there is a will, there is a way. "We believe what we want to believe! To believe is to want!"

Apply this definition of faith to your dreams. To get started, you need to know what you want. Visualize in detail what you want to achieve. With a confused and confused picture of what you are looking for, don't be surprised if you fail.

Therefore, a first step in mountain moving faith is to form A DETAILED MENTAL IMAGE OF YOUR DREAM.

If you want your dream bad enough, you will plan, organize, rearrange, and work until you get what you want. Great desire arouses great determination. Faith wants something with all of its heart.

Once you know what you want, you need to censor those desires. The moral questions should be asked at this point: "Is this true? Would God want this? May I ask God to be my partner in this dream adventure?" Faith builds strong muscles when it gets a 'yes' to all of these important questions.

vs. Step 3: bold.

Doubt is often a lack of courage. Fear of embarrassment along with fear of involvement or fear of personal sacrifice is enough to keep you from wanting to commit by faith to any idea, dream, project, or cause. With God by your side, you will dare to take risks.

Faith on the move in the mountains is not just about dreaming and desiring. It is daring to risk failure. Because faith takes a DECISION without any guarantee of success. If success is certain, a business is no longer a leap of faith. Safe faith is a contradiction. Faith takes a chance on something before she can be sure how everything is going to turn out in the end.

Remember this: "Every time you make a choice, you take a chance." "The saddest words in the tongue or the quill are these: it could have been."

Faith dares to risk disappointment. If you never try, you will never lose. Faith dares to be a lucky taker. Here's how success will work for you. Taking luck generates an exit. Excitement generates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm generates energy. You have a cycle of success going on.

re. Step 4: Begin.

You have a dream, you have excluded fear from your thinking, go ahead now.

It is not enough to dream, desire and dare. Faith in mountain movement now begins to act as if nothing is stopping the dream from succeeding.

Faith has to move from the level of imagination to the level of conversation and then to the level of concrete organization.

To start ! Do something ! "The start is half over!"

e. Step 5: Wait.

Hope is the great power that can lead you to success. Why ? Because when a man or a woman expects to win, he or she doesn't hold back anything, but gives his project or here everything he has.

When you expect success, then you hold nothing back, but keep your last dime, spend your second wind power, and stake your priceless reputation, confident that you will achieve it. Such extreme dedication almost always leads to success. When people know that you have given your wonderful idea all that you have, they will walk to your site and help you to victory and success.

F. Step 6: affirm.

Faith affirms success before it comes. Faith claims victory before it is achieved. It is very difficult to do but most importantly.

Highlanders are people who boldly predict success. They know they have to convey an image of victory or they will never win what they need to achieve their goal.

Affirmation is enthusiasm that generates faith. Great affirmations strengthen the feeling of expectation and generate great enthusiasm. Affirm success and you will visualize yourself winning.

g. Step 7: Pending.

Almost every business goes through a period of time when the problems are overwhelming. Now is the time to remind yourself that faith in mountain movement is faith with the power of the line. Faith is patience. Really successful men or women are men or women who know that every project goes through phases where there is nothing more than to wait for.

This is especially true when we have experienced what can seem like a costly setback or setback. Successful people are men and women who refuse to believe in defeat. Their infinite patience generates a fantastic ability to rebound.

Where the average individual gives up, the positive thinker bounces back, convinced that one way or another a new opportunity will sometimes present itself to pull him or her or here to the top and success.

Time has a way of proving that what looks like a lapel really is a chance to wear a fake mask.

h. Step 8: Accept.

We are all faced with situations where our mountain does not move despite everything we do.

Then the only thing we can do is offer this deep prayer of faith offered by Jesus Christ:

“My Father, all things are possible for you. Nevertheless, it is not my will, but yours that be done ”.

“Thy will be done” dominates all human statements as the supreme declaration of faith at the deepest level. Faith moving in the mountain is surrender, letting go and letting God take over.

How can you surrender your dreams or your problems to God? Only God knows what is good and what is bad for us.

If your mountain does not move, abandon it to God. He will move it around or show you how you can turn it into a mine or monument.

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