Deal Or No Deal and Network Marketing


Deal or No Deal is a popular program in which people can instantly become millionaires. I enjoy watching it, partly to see the excitement of the candidates, and also to the positive energy animator Howie Mandel bringing to the program.

People are on the show to see if they can get rich. It is a game of strictly luck and luck. Howie usually asks the candidates what they would do if they won the million dollars. Many of them have valuable things for which they would use it.

It is worth noting that few applicants seem to have a strategy or goal of accepting an agreement when it reaches a certain amount. On the contrary, many of them continue to refuse offers, whatever their size, in the hope of winning the grand prize. I've seen people turn down offers over $ 200,000, which is more than most people gain a job in two years. The dream is to walk away with a million dollars, which has not yet happened on the show.

So what does this have to do with network marketing?

Network marketers also have a dream. The difference is that networkers know that it takes time and effort, and often a steep learning curve. Marketers who are determined enough will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, and will not just leave it to chance.

Successful marketers also have goals and a strategy for how they will achieve them. They have short and long term goals. In most cases, it takes at least a year if not more to reach a meaningful income, unlike the instant gratification of earning money on a game show. However, in addition to the financial security network marketing that can bring people, there is also the personal satisfaction of achieving their goals and dreams and taking responsibility for their financial future.

So people on a game show have a dream, just like network marketers. However, successful marketers have dreams so big that they think about them every day and that there is nothing stopping them from accomplishing what they want.

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