Confessions of a Mortgage Insider


Have you wondered why the mortgage and banking industry is in its current form of disarray? Have you ever wondered how some people manage to get something for nothing and leave us the average taxpayer footing the bill? Are you curious why the once respectable mortgage industry became so corrupt and brought the US economy to its knees so quickly?

Denny Andrew’s first book, Confessions of a Mortgage Insider, explores how the mortgage brokerage industry entered a spiraling failure that led to a complete collapse of epidemic proportions. Confessions of a Mortgage Insider reveals more than industry excesses. It explores the people and personalities of those who worked in the industry through the personal stories of leaders, followers, slimy marketers and victims. It tells the story through the eyes of mortgage broker Rick Agnew. Agnew grows from a naïve loan application agent to a diamond-level broker whose life is filled with fast cars, fast women, and fast parties. His intimate and personal experiences with the industry open his eyes to the industry’s endemic fraud and chicanery.

Part storybook, part instruction, and part self-discovery, Andrew’s book is a fun and engaging book that makes you angry at the brokers’ thirst for money, makes you cry for those who are victimized and laughs at the antics of half-man/half-naughty child protagonist Rick Agnew. Using illustrative stories and hilarious greetings, this book educates even the most casual reader about the dangers of the current mortgage failure in the housing market. This book may be that tell-all source that the casual reader has sought to establish some sanity from the current economic crisis in the mortgage industry.

Confessions of a Mortgage Insider invites the reader to truly assess where they currently are in their mortgage and financial stability, and then develop a specific plan to get where they want to be. According to Andrews, living in your dream home isn’t just a wish if you plan carefully and shop wisely for a mortgage and a mortgage broker. The American dream is not over… it has just become something that can only be achieved with hard work and a good savings plan.

The mortgage bubble has been busted and according to Denny Andrews, it’s not a bad thing that the party is over. His exposition of the hideous secrets of such an elegantly designed profit machine clearly illustrates the symptoms of the pervasive disease of our society: excess. This fast-paced book encourages responsible lending and commands lifestyle choices that promote accountability and fiduciary common sense. Andrews captures the madness and mayhem through his original stories, then delivers sound business advice anyone can relate to.

Title: Confessions of a Mortgage Insider Author: Denny Andrews Publisher: Aviva Publication Date: 2008 Price: 24.95

Source by Shannon Evans

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