Coarse Fishing Tackle Review: Daiwa’s Millionaire Proteus Multiplier


Big game fishing or fishing for freshwater fish other than trout, salmon and arctic char originated in the UK in the early 19th century. The main fishing techniques involved in big game fishing are: float fishing where the bait is suspended under a float, legering in which the bait is caused to sink to the bottom of the lake using a weight important; and spinning, where the bait or lure is towed into the water to attract coarse fish. Today there is a myriad of fishing tackle capable of practicing many fishing techniques in different conditions. It is therefore important to make the right choice when buying the perfect big game fishing gear. Here is some information on Daiwa's Proteus Millionaire® multiplier.

Key features of the Daiwa Proteus Millionaire® multiplier

Proteus, according to ancient Greek mythology, is an ancient sea god whose name means "firstborn" and is the main shepherd of the seals of Poseidon. It is said to be able to predict the future and can only do so in the presence of someone who is capable of capturing it, although it tests its subduer in taking many forms. Thus, the name Proteus has acquired positive connotations of versatility and adaptability. This is why the Daiwa Millionaire® Proteus Multiplier should provide the power and flexibility needed for your daily coarse fishing needs. It has a machined aluminum spool for durability and resistance. It is also equipped with the Daiwa infinite non-return which does not make a handle back on the sets of hooks. This coarse fishing equipment is available in left or right wind. It also has a worm level wind which moves the line from left to right with each turn of the handle.

Learn more about the Daiwa Millionaire® Proteus multiplier

The Daiwa Millionaire® Proteus multiplier has a very innovative centrifugal braking system that gives you incredible control. It is the perfect fishing gear for spoon lures which are lures that look like inside spoons and plugs or crank baits which are lures that look like fish. Centrifugal brakes work well even at low throwing speeds, such as pitching. Centrifugal brakes use friction inside the brake ring and have a braking force which is proportional to the speed of the coil. Adding to the smoothness and control, this fishing gear has a 5.1: 1 drag ratio and a selectable reel click. Daiwa's Millionaire® Proteus multiplier weighs 11.8 ounces. It has 2 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing which are perfect for smoother casting and trolling behind a boat. It has a line capacity of 290m – 15lbs.

Final thoughts on Daiwa's Proteus Millionaire® multiplier

Daiwa's Millionaire® Proteus multiplier lives up to its name as the very versatile big game fishing gear on the market. So whether you're the casual recreational fisherman or the competitive match fisherman, this coarse fishing tackle is the perfect all-rounder in your fishing armory. When it comes to fishing, Daiwa is the name you can trust.

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