ClickBank Wealth Formula: A Proven Marketing System?


You are here today because you want to learn more about ClickBank Wealth Formula. Is this product still on the market today? Is this a legitimate opportunity?

When this digital product was released, many internet marketers were excited to see if it could live up to its hype. Unfortunately, this so-called affiliate marketing system has created more disappointed customers than successful ones.

In a word

ClickBank Wealth Formula hit the market in July 2010. The designers of the digital product promised to teach product users how to generate incredibly substantial income online by promoting affiliate products.

Initially, the product seemed attractive and promising. The concept was simple and many people were excited about the possibility of making money with the new program.

This is the ClickBank Wealth formula in its most simplistic form:

1. Visit ClickBank and find an affiliate product you want to promote.

2. Direct interested buyers to a capture page to get their contact information

3. Use email to promote affiliate products.

The fall of the product

The simplicity and fanfare surrounding the launch of ClickBank Wealth Formula got tons of people excited. Unfortunately, this digital affiliate marketing product failed to live up to its country mile expectations.

The product has since been withdrawn from the market. Fortunately, this program was suppressed in its infancy. Many honest investors risk being hurt when they invest their money in a program that does not work effectively.

In a nutshell, the ClickBank Wealth formula was meant to teach the masses how to be successful in affiliate marketing. While the concept was sound, the creators of the products, Anik Singal and Saj P, simply didn’t provide enough value to its customers.

This is precisely the reason why so many people asked for refunds and the product was pulled from the market. It’s safe to say that lofty promises of profitability lead to tons of disappointed consumers.

Is there an alternative?

Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls of the ClickBank Wealth Formula was how oddly vague it was. The program imparted the basics to customers without providing technical training.

How could they expect people to be successful using their marketing system if their customers had no idea what the marketing system was?

Yes, it is entirely possible to make money in the affiliate marketing industry. That being said, you need to have basic technical skills and knowledge.

It probably goes without saying. All of this to basically say that ClickBank Wealth Formula was an incredibly incomplete product. Is there something similar that actually works?

Affiliate marketing is all about targeting a market and maximizing the exposure of your products in that market. Although this concept is quite simple to understand, you need some technical knowledge.

This is where successful affiliate marketing companies shine. They have proven affiliate marketing systems that allow members to earn while learning the ins and outs of internet marketing.

Additionally, they will have resources and materials that affiliates can use to promote their products. It is these types of support systems that differentiate successful affiliate marketing companies from ultimately unsuccessful ones.

Source by Merv Stevens

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