ClickBank Horror Stories – Affiliate Marketers Convert Better with Brand Appeal and High Commission


Marketing for almost 11 years now – in various aspects I can confidently say that Affiliate Marketing is a do or die industry. MANY come and go quickly, survival of the fittest is an understatement. Choosing the right niche product, program, commission structure, and support material will dramatically improve your chances of winning big in the affiliate marketing game. The problem lies mainly in the loop effect of product versioning. This means that when marketers advertise products to marketers, and even attach resale rights to those products, markets quickly become saturated with the results of those products.

Case in point – the Click Bank marketplace 😉 If you know what I’m talking about, I’m glad you can understand and you’re probably smiling right now – Most slate products are made with software and sales program d automation of the letters, and 90% of the pages look alike. They are all very long scrolls with stunning titles and exhausted calls to action from top to bottom.

Ugh… Nevertheless, there are hidden millionaires inside the ClickBank group, and many are on the way. They found the best combination and routine to follow with their effects and monetization cycles. What does it mean? They choose hot new products from different markets that have brand appeal, are unique representation and deliverables, and start flooding the markets with their marketing campaigns using all aspects of advertising known to men/women.

After seeing this huge void in the market for appropriately branded products and services, and since I have already launched a number of my own products in this environment, I decided to attempt to centralize all of my products in one affiliate area. . ‘ which would house all my products/programs/marketing resources etc.

What most vendors don’t realize is that you can’t just expect to create a quick .pdf file and put it on a crappy designed sales page with a unilevel affiliate program – and hope to hit it hard! In fact, lately, it doesn’t matter what your product is! Well, not so much as your marketing and positioning in your market, as well as your branding and support material for your affiliates. I ONLY promote products that I know will convert and have a big brand or hook in the market with unique and credible sales letters. The same can also be said for the product listing created for the niche chopper site.

I strongly recommend that you take a close look at the products you are promoting, the marketing resources these vendors offer you, the brand image and positioning in the marketplace versus saturation and your resources. If you can’t compete, don’t! If you find niche products that you might relate to on a personal level, you’ll know how to market them more creatively and lengthen your results. There is no secret formula, and of the thousands of affiliate marketing programs out there, they all share one goal = MONETIZE!

If the product, brand, marketing and resources, etc. were not built properly from scratch, you will never achieve consistent success or long term results with any product. If you can get your hands on some great new, positive brands in the market with content and presentation that stick, chances are you have a winner who should start testing campaigns right away.

Source by Norb Czufis

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