Can I turn my MLM success stories into testimonials?


There are many different ways you can use MLM success stories. This includes testimonials which may be placed on the site in different places. They can be broken down and separated to maximize the impact of the pages on your visitors. So, in turn, yes you can use MLM success stories as testimonials. There are different ways to present them to help you get the traffic and success you want to achieve. Come explore some ideas that have been developed over time with great success and sometimes failures.

MLM Success Stories Exploded And Displayed On Key Pages

One way to boost your site’s success is to break up your MLM success stories into bite-sized testimonials and place them on key pages of your site. This can include your passive products, the main storefront, contacts, home page, and landing pages of your email. These have been quite successful for various business industries and are still used to help convert visitors into leads. You may want to only display three short stories on the pages, you can always link to the full testimonial that is not in your active menu.

If you use your MLM success stories as testimonials on your pages. You can present them as text, video, or even audio clips to your visitors. In most cases, they are presented as text, but you may be more or less successful in other formats. If you are feeling adventurous, try posting them as a small audio clip. You won’t know how your prospects will react until you try an idea. It could work or fail.

Don’t exaggerate MLM success stories …

As stated beforehand, don’t go overboard with MLM success stories. Be a little conservative and use them in the right places to maximize your potential. Remember that you can use them as separate entities and also share them in a promotional campaign. This works great during power-building campaigns or when launching a new social campaign. Sprinkle the stories throughout the campaign for maximum flavor. At this tactical stage, you can add them to photos, graphics, or other formats to help drive your traffic to your site. Don’t keep sharing the same one, let it sit for a bit and use another to promote your business. All stories should be factual and not misleading. I wish you the best of luck!

Source by David L. Feinstein

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