Can I earn money by creating a "How to teach" Website?


Is it worth creating a “how to teach” website? Look around and you’ll find that some of the best money-making websites are sites that teach others how to do something. I hope you have heard stories of piano lessons being sold online. Also websites that teach how to play guitar are huge markets that people want to learn how to do.

I was watching a video online recently and they took me to You Tube and they showed a video of a guitarist I don’t even know where he was but this guy got millions and millions of hits and he was a guitar playing expert and he used You Tube videos to promote and sell his product because on the You Tube video right to the right you would have a link to the website and I’m sure once you have linked to this website and he captures an email address and a name and he sells his guitar information product.

I have my children both at the piano. We have a piano teacher who comes to our house every week and we try to teach them how to play the piano and it’s quite difficult. We pay for the private tutor, but yeah, I think it’s a big hungry market.

I would say do your research. I would say call some of the product developers. I would go to Amazon, see what kind of How to Play books are selling there on Amazon. I believe they will tell you the positioning, its popularity. Do your research and you will find your answer.

Source by Michael Senoff

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