Book Review – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker


Do you think like a millionaire? How does a millionaire think and what is the mental process used to attract wealth into his life? T. Harve Eker tells you how to determine your “financial plan” which, in turn, determines your success in creating wealth. Once you are aware of the thoughts you are constantly thinking about, of your inner dialogue, Eker explains in detail, step by step, how to change this to create the state of mind you want. You can literally program yourself for financial success with these methods.

You can be programmed for failure from the start by events from your childhood or from the past. How did your parents and family talk about money and the wealthy? Have you ever heard as a child "The rich are greedy" "The rich get rich and the poor get poorer" "Money doesn't grow on trees" "You work hard and then you die" or " Why make more money – you'll just have to pay more taxes. "Are some of these sounds familiar to you?

When I thought about my own childhood, I realized that my parents had both told me by word and by example that it was hard to find money. You have to work hard for money, maybe at a job you don't like. I have learned that you CAN achieve financial freedom, but you have to pay the price. Earning a lot of money is never easy! These are part of my financial plan that I had to learn to change.

If you have an inner dialogue that tells you that the rich are bad or that money is hard to find, Eker tells you how to overcome years of conditioning thinking and replace old thoughts with new ones that will help you achieve your goals. you if you want to be rich, you must admire and love the rich – otherwise you will never be one of them. Eker himself used to believe that the wealthy were snobs, until he personally knew some of those who had money. To make his own fortune, Eker opened one of the first retail fitness stores in North America, which he grew to include 10 stores in just two and a half years.

This book deepens your beliefs about money and the wealthy. If you want to feel victim to circumstances or fate is against you, this book is not for you. If you want to feel empowered to direct your own financial destiny and are open to changing your thoughts, then Eker explains in everyday language how to do it.

Eker also tells you that if you are married, you and your spouse should discuss your beliefs about money and your own "financial plans" because if you have conflicting beliefs about money money, wealth creation will be much more difficult, if not impossible. Instead, resolve to create a separate financial plan for yourself as a couple. Post this plan where you can see it and when discussions about money arise – instead of getting emotional or angry, calmly show the plan that you both agree on.

This book has really helped me see how and why my partner and I could have different approaches to our finances and how to change that for the better.

In his book, Eker explains the "wealth files" or 17 specific ways that millionaires think differently from those who have no money. It also explains how to revise your thinking patterns so that you too can think like a millionaire. Once you revise your thinking, it tells you how to continually grow and expand that thinking.

Eker gives you assignments to help you through the process, such as spending a week not complaining but instead being thankful for what you have. If a rich man complained because he was scratching his nose, who would care, says Eker. Wealthy people are talking about the next big deal or the next new equity investment. They think about money and believe in their own ability to attract money. Even if they were to lose their entire fortune, they could soon return because they thought they could do it.

Although Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is not a book on the law of attraction, in and of itself, T. Harv Eker explains that your thinking, energy and beliefs that you hold are what creates your financial reality. If you want to be a complainant and a victim, this will attract you the most. However, if you build your financial plan with confidence, think, act and believe like a wealthy person, the ideas and opportunities will suit you, helping you create the life you want.

Additionally, Eker Secrets of the Millionaire Mind's book explains step by step how to accomplish this and how you too can have a millionaire mind.

Author – T. Harve Eker


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