Billionaire Success Secrets – How to Deal With Adversity and Achieve a Successful Life


If you want to succeed in your life, you can be certain of certain things. You will face adversity at some point and you will also fail at some point in your life.

However, what distinguishes someone who succeeds from someone else is the way they handle adversity and failure.

"Successful people are those who learn to overcome it [failure] and those who fail … are the ones who want to wallow in. They prefer to complain about what happened to them and whose fault and why it happened. "- Bill Bartmann

Bartmann has certainly had more than his share of adversity. However, rather than letting adversity crush him, he used adversity to strengthen his character and forge a tremendous state of mind – a state of mind programmed to create of wealth.

"The people I know who are successful, those who contribute to our society, are people who have failed many times, who have been frustrated many times, who have collapsed, like Mr Bartmann, many times. have never resigned … "- Clarence Thomas, Judge at the Supreme Court of the United States

And Bill Bartmann has identified that there is a 3-step process for dealing with adversity. Progress through these three steps and you will be successful.

1. sorrow
It is at this moment that we focus on what we have lost. The problem for many people is that they stay stuck at this stage. They wallow in self pity by sharing their stories of unhappiness with anyone who cares to listen.

They try to impute blame and wonder how life could be so cruel. They do not accept responsibility for their lives and thus give up the power to change their current reality into a more pleasant reality.

2. Gratitude
This is the stage where you enjoy and focus on what you always have, as Oprah Winfrey said:

"If you look at what you have in life, you'll always have more, if you look at what you do not have in life, you'll never get enough."

When you direct your attention to what you still have, you realize that you have a lot to thank. For example, you may have lost material property, but you still have your ability to recover it. And that should not take you so much time this time, because you already know how to acquire these things. However, if you stretch and you increase your notoriety, your skills and your knowledge, you will probably be able to accomplish even more

There was a time in Bill Bartmann's life when the majority of people who loved him for his friendship when he was rich abandoned him when he broke through a period of rupture. That year, only one person sent him a Christmas card. It's a card he always has on him, because it reminds him that no matter the difficulties, there is always a person who always considers him a friend.

3. New perspective
It is at that moment that you realize what you have gained from what you have lost. It is not always easy, but one thing is certain. If you continually express your gratitude for what you have and are striving to improve your current situation, a new way of seeing things will be revealed to you.

As Oscar Wilde said:

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are staring at the stars.

In other words, you can find yourself face up or hidden, you choose.

Bill Bartmann realizes that success and failure go hand in hand. So he accepts both and works with everything life throws at him.

"I'm not impressed by the success or the failure, I treat them a bit as if it's the same thing – opposite sides of the same coin."

Therefore, if you are currently experiencing difficulties or failures, start the piece. You will find your successful life from the other side.

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