Astrological Chart of Bill Gates, Jr – Explaining His Rise to the Top and Stay Thereat


The horoscope of Bill Gates, Jr., the founder of Microsoft Corporation makes for a very interesting read. His sidereal horoscope has the ascendant of Gemini with Jupiter in the 3rd house (Leo), Mars and Mercury in the 4th house (Virgo); the Sun, Venus and Saturn in the 5th house (Libra). It is quite obvious that his horoscope must have a huge combination of wealth generation and power. A quick glance at his horoscope shows that, if read by the ascendant, you will have to stretch your intellectual nerves to prove that this is indeed the horoscope of an individual who is happens to be a world famous billionaire. You will find it hard to make calisthenics mental to distinguish it from other horoscopes that you see a penny per dozen. I saw the horoscope of a woman with the same ascendant with Mercury and Venus in the same position and Mars better placed, but she is not a billionaire, far from it, she is in bad shape financially.

Bill Gates' period of elation ended very early when he was less than three years old. Thereafter, the period of Mercury lasted until his 19 years. After that, his 7 year period of Ketu (dragon tail) began. This period ended just after signing an agreement with IBM in 1981. For twenty years afterwards, that is to say 2002, he reigned in twenty years over Venus in the fifth house of Libra , a trinal house. While this explains his 20-year period of his phenomenal rise, it doesn't explain the seven-year incubation period – so to speak – preceding it. Unless, of course, you see it from the radical moon in the tenth house. Here, Ketu is seated in the third house, representing courage and hands, among others. It is extremely good for an evil one to be in the 3rd house. It is also important that the lords of 4 skinny houses (namely the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th) are weak. His Sun, the lord of the 3rd ascendant is in his fall in Libra, so he is weak.

Seen from the sign of the moon, Pisces, we see that in addition to Ketu in 3rd, the lords of the 4 skinny houses of the moon are. Venus (lord of the 3rd Taurus and 8th Libra), Sun (lord of the 6th Taurus, Leo) and 12th Saturn are together in the 8th, forming an extremely great Vipareeta Raja Yoga – it literally means a combination of reverse rules – when sometimes you win d & Other failure. In his case, this was the result of Digital Research's failure to deliver an operating system to IBM. Of course, here too, the lords of two trinal houses and the 2nd house (Moon and Mars) and two angles (Mercury-4th and 7th) are in appearance and in mutual conjunction, conferring enormous weight on the horoscope global.

It is this multiplier effect of so many rare combinations of the Ascendant and the Moon that elevated it to the top and kept it there for decades.

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