America Is Obviously Facing The Wrath of God


As tensions over migrants and the economy plunge many Americans into panic, the general feeling is that the country is not in God's favor. Many wonder why it would not be so. A look at what is really going on and what their companies are doing speaks loudly. It is the main source of violence in the form of movies, music, games and gun laws. The tendency to make money at any cost is at the root of its success.

While the primaries must decide on the next president, some of the important questions are addressed. One wonders if America is large or even "whole". The question that most foreigners ask is how can a billionaire without political experience outperform other candidates. This really goes to the heart of the problem and the way some Americans think.

In the minds of most money, it is more important than how you treat others or even how you make your fortune. To be successful in the United States, you have to be at least a millionaire to get support in most circles. Those who promote fiction, like the makers of violence, are most likely those in this category. The biggest incomes are those who use profit as a gain and who have not thought of raising their prices to do so.

Money rules the world and the World Order is dedicated to it. Those who do not participate in what the majority expects from them are probably in the lower socio-economic category which borders on poverty. Although it is a man-made commodity that brings more sorrow to the world than anything else, it is money and its false gods that cause the true wrath of God. Those who are proud of their quantity ignore spiritual things and America certainly fits this role.



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