Amazon KDP: A Millionaire’s Newest Nook


Is Amazon KDP the corner of the new millionaire? Reports have shown that 30% of millionaires today are Kindle authors. This news has prompted many curious people to try their luck on the site. Amazon KDP or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the fastest and easiest way to sell books to Kindle subscribers around the world. Not only will this provide easy access for your readers, but it will also allow publishers and authors to control and publish their masterpiece.

You can self-publish your books via Amazon KDP. It's free, quick and easy registration. All you have to do is go to their site and register.

What is Amazon KDP?

This is an application which will allow you to self-publish your book. Publishing to this site takes less than five minutes and within 24 hours your book will be available worldwide. With this, you can keep control of your rights and choose a price for your book. More so, you can make improvements to your hardware at any time.

How can you publish?

The first step in publishing is to complete your account profile then have a book that follows the required format. Kindle also offers a simplified guide for building your book on their simplified guide available on the site.

The second step is to log into your account and click on shelf. You click on the new title checklist, then you will create a new title.

The third step is for you to finish your book, fees and pricing.

The fourth step is to click publish. After that, work on the following: Title information, Download and preview the contents of the book, Confirm publication rights and enter the pricing and royalty information.

The fifth step you need to do is to click on the check box to check if you have filled in all the details and rights required for publication. Click Save and Publish and your book will be sent to the Kindle store.

If you want to make changes to your book, you can do so. The changes will appear at amazon after 48 hours.

Amazon KDP is the way to go for self-publishing. So try your luck, write your quality book now and be the next millionaire.

It is also best to review your comments and reviews after you publish your first book. That way you can improve and be better on your next volume.

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