Adult ADD – A "Disorder" or a Secret of Success?


According to the new book The DaVinci Method, the symptoms of adult ADD are really the symptoms of abundant energy and creativity. Author Garret LoPorto points out that the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs, great leaders, innovators, artists and trailblazers, all have the "symptoms" of adult ADD.

While explaining the genetic cause of ADD / ADHD, the author gives an excellent overview of the so-called "disorder" and how it can be used as strength in many situations.

According to the author, "The human genome project says that ADD / ADHD is genetic. While only about 10% of the general population has this gene, most wealthy and famous self-taught people have the ADD gene / ADHD Now why is it that ADD / ADHD helps some people to be extremely successful although most others continue to struggle only to survive? The author reveals some surprising secrets used by successful people with ADD ADD – People like David Neeleman, CEO of Jet Blue and Steve Jobs founder of Pixar and Apple.

While most ADD / ADHD therapies try to force people to become more "normal", we need to realize the immense potential that we have of being ADD / ADHD. The ADD / ADHD gene affects the brain's relationship to dopamine. This difference causes a thirst for stimulation, which is obtained by doing things differently. To satisfy their need for stimulation, people take risks, seek out the thrill and become bolder. This temperament that comes from the ADD / ADHD gene is similar to the temperament that makes rock stars, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, leaders and billionaires.

It is imperative that rock stars are looking for thrills, but how do you help someone become a billionaire? Well, we all know that the key to getting rich is to take risks and the ADD / ADHD gene stimulates a man to take risks. It is therefore the ADD / ADHD gene which invites to take the necessary measures, which are necessary to succeed. The book continues with many other insights and insightful ways how ADD / ADHD can be used to achieve positive results.

Unfortunately, in our society, many very creative and talented people are labeled "disorderly" with ADD / ADHD. They are the pioneers of our people – the ones who have the greatest potential to find the cure for cancer, start the next Microsoft, become a great political leader, a great artist or even a rock star.

In order to be normal, people with ADD / ADHD often delete their best gift. Why should you have a hard time being an employee of 9 to 5 office workers when you have the potential to be the next Bill Gates?

The author has also described the special conditions that are necessary to unlock the genius behind ADD / ADHD and these are neither taught nor encouraged in our society. Conditions that bring out the brilliance of people with ADD in adults often upset the "normal" population because most people lack the energy and creativity to appreciate this different approach of life.

The only difference between an entrepreneur, a leader, a rock star or a successful artist with ADD / ADHD and another person who has trouble getting along with his ADD / ADHD traits is that the former intuitively discovered the secret force of their temperament and used it to the full. potential while the latter is trying to get away from it and be a "normal" person. But should it be so?

After reading the DaVinci method, I am convinced that this is certainly not the case. Now, I'm sure the DaVinci method will help so many people on their way from "messy" to greatness – the same journey that has been taken by people like Einstein, Edison, Disney, Churchill, Da Vinci and Richard Branson – Want Do you like to take this trip too? Then check out the biggest book I've read in years, the DaVinci method.



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