Act Like a Millionaire


Did you know that there are now 10.1 million households in the United States with $ 1 million or more in investable assets, not counting the value of their principal residence? This is a 2015 article from CNBC. What do these people do and how do they act? Let's talk about money in a way that could change your view of rappers, like 50 Cent, posing with stacks of money for movie props to create the illusion of illusion. immense wealth as he navigates our bankruptcy system. Heck, let's just talk about money.

I recently read an article, written by Dan Kennedy who is internationally recognized as the "Millionaire Maker", helping people in almost all categories of businesses turn their ideas into fortunes. His article was published in the newsletter of my business coach. My trainer, Richard James gets his coaching from Dan Kennedy, so by default, I also get the benefits from Dan Kennedy. Since the main goal of my legal practice is to help my clients get out of debt, I focus a lot of my articles on money.

According to Dan's article, titled "The 5" mind tools "you need to become a millionaire thinker", lays the universal groundwork that most people think about money in a negative way, like "worry, the budget struggle, can't" afford, and the jealousy of others. "I will add that we feel guilty when we cannot pay our debts and feel a huge MORAL obligation to repay our debts. I think it is our thoughts on money that keep us perpetually stuck in a debt and poverty cycle.I am on a personal mission to clear my clients' personal debts and collaborate with them to change their outlook on money, wealth and retirement through my bankruptcy practice.

What is Dan's secret? He says that your dominant thoughts are things and cited in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich. This means that if you constantly see a lack, you will have more. If you focus on thoughts that you can harness to initiate positive and appropriate actions in your life, you can start your journey to a better financial life. It all starts with a decision; a choice.

Dan's five tools include planning, the environment, reading, participating in good activities and good associations. Haven't you heard that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with? I can tell you that I personally find that I grow up in environments where I am not the smartest person in the room. I am a student of life and I soak up these environments like a sponge. Guess what? My business grew 17% last year and is expected to grow 40% in 2016. The bottom line is that we start from our thoughts and take decisive action to reach our goals. .

It works by opening you up to opportunities that you may never have considered, such as bankruptcy to quickly eliminate your debts, which then frees up your monthly budget to focus on more important issues, like savings for a home, college or retirement. Maybe this new business idea becomes your ticket to the "Millionaire & # 39; s Club".

Acting like a millionaire first requires a change in your thoughts. Then you need to take action to implement your thoughts. I can tell you that millionaires don't always behave like Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) who poses with fake piles of money in bankruptcy. Many millionaires drive a Prius and prepare their own lunches for work. Millionaires save their retirement money up to 20% of their gross income. Millionaires act like they were broke. It is when broke people act like they have money, which creates the illusion of wealth. Look around and you will be surprised to see the millionaire next door who wears sweatpants at the grocery store.

Take a moment and think about how long you've been working. For some, it will be longer than others. Then add up all the money you've earned so far in your lifetime. What should you show for all that money spent? Do you have a retirement plan? Do you own your home? Have you invested in your Self? Through education and lifelong learning? Or, do you continually find that you are a victim of circumstances? Make the decision today to no longer tolerate the circumstances to take your money by taking control. Eliminating debt first is the quickest way to build wealth and act like a millionaire.

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