A Prophetic Word for the African American Christian


A few years ago, when I was living near the beautiful mountain village of Summersville, West Virginia, I had a most extraordinary dream. The dream was divided into four parts. In the first part, I left my job as principal of a private school. Second, one of my teachers was brought up to my old job. Third, the chairman of the board who had lived in the community all his life was moving. In the fourth part of the dream, I was preaching to a large African American church on the subject: "You have settled on the other side of the Jordan". In the dream, this great church had accomplished a lot and had a great national ministry. However, the Lord said that they had not reached the fulfillment of their divine destiny. While I was preaching, the mighty presence of the Lord descended into this mighty church. He began to give revelations and directions regarding the immense fate he had planned for them. The church exploded in worship and praise. I woke up from the dream.

The first three parts of the dream happened in a matter of months. I resigned from my post, the teacher I saw in the dream became the acting principal of the school, and the chairman of the board and her husband sold their family business and left town. However, the fourth part of the dream did not happen immediately. I actually didn't understand this part of the dream. Five years passed as I continually pondered the dream in my heart. Recently I was invited to lead a grant writing workshop and preach at a large African American church in Chicago. I still did not understand the meaning of the message "You have settled on the other side of the Jordan", but the Lord ordered me to preach this message. By studying the Word, the incredible prophetic meaning of the message in the dream was revealed.

Two and a half tribes of the Israelites found to their liking the rich farm and pastures east of the Jordan River. The tribes of Gad, Reuben and half of the great tribe of Manasseh decided to settle on "the other side" of the Jordan and not cross the promised land in this way. Moses and Joshua had given them permission to do so, but with a major requirement, their warriors had to fight the battle to take the Promised Land. Joshua chapter 3 records the miraculous separation of the flooded Jordan. The priests led the procession on a dry and divine path made through the waters of the flood. True to their agreement, 40,000 warriors from the two and a half tribes took the lead in the battle. Their divine destiny was to assume the reigns of leadership in battle and bring the rest of the tribes to their promised destinies and lands. What a great mantle of ministry was put on Gad, Reuben, and half of Manasseh!

The Lord has begun to reveal the divine destiny He has for HIS African American people. I received an article written by Susan Castell that blew me away. The prophetic word given to him concerning African-American believers was identical to what the Lord was revealing to me. She wrote: "You have come to this earth for such a time as this. Now is the time to put aside the weight of racial hatred and the sin of forgiveness that so easily clings to you and you. Now is the time to forget what lies behind and move on to what lies ahead Now is the time to rise up and seek Me for the fulfillment of your divine destiny.

Just as the survival of ancient Egypt and Israel rested on the shoulders of Joseph (a man sold into slavery by his brothers and taken to a foreign land), the very survival of this great nation of Israel. America relies on you. Now is the time to embrace my plan and allow me to instill in you the heart and attitude of Joseph who knew how to forgive his brothers and those who had enslaved and imprisoned him. Now is the time to embrace the cross of My Son and become a great blessing in the land of your captivity.

As man has apparently succeeded in humbling you in the lowest of places, so I will exalt you in the highest place, even at the very throne of My Glory. By humbling yourself under my mighty hand and allowing the spirit and heart of Christ to form in you, you will experience supernatural healing and deliverance from the many deep wounds inflicted by those who have degraded, despised and humiliated you. By identifying yourself with My Son and starting to cry out: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing", you will enter a new dimension of My Grace and Glory, and you will receive the revelation of Jesus Christ and his resurrection power that your hearts hunger for.

Now is the time to understand that all of history, including black history, is HIS HISTORY. Now is the time to look up above man's agenda and catch the vision of My agenda. Now is the time to declare with Joseph: "As for you, you have thought badly against me, but Gd willed it for the good, to make sure that many people are kept alive. . "(Genesis 50:20)

Arise my people, my company Joseph, whom I have brought from afar and planted in this land for a time like this. Look at me and I will tell you the meaning of your story. Look at me and I will reveal to you the mystery of your many and long sufferings. I am the L-rd your Gd, and besides Me there is no other. Look to me and be healed from the wounds of your captivity. Look to Me and I will set you free to be my instruments of healing and deliverance in this land of your divine destiny. "

The fullness of the prophetic meaning of the message, "Settle on the other side of the Jordan", has been fully developed. The Great Awakening which will soon break out on this world as a final witness will be led by a "Joseph Company" that God has been preparing for a long time. This awakening will bring together the holy remnant of God as a spotless and wrinkle-free bride. Divisions, separations, and walls will crumble as the Church reunites to fulfill its final destiny. Each tribe that makes up the Church has a promised destiny, a specific divine mission to fulfill. The African American believer will be the leader in bringing all tribes of believers to this fulfillment. Just like Gad, Reuben, and Manasseh, a mantle of leadership will rest on them. God is a great accountant. All the tired years and the long generations of blood, sweat, tears, unpaid slave wages and rejection WILL BE PAID IN FULL! It won't come from the White House, the Supreme Court, or Congress. It will come from the hand of the mighty God! Just like Joseph, they will suddenly be led from darkness to the fullness of divinely appointed leadership. What man meant for evil, God will turn into good to save many lives. The mantle of leadership will be placed on them by a divine hand. They will lead the rest of us in our designated destinies. I believe the Holy Spirit is moving in them now. The divine gifts within that have been given for this prophetic hour are now activated and released. The understanding of the long night of their suffering is revealed to them. Joseph's heart reached perfection in them. God calls them to fulfill their destiny. The Jordan parted before them. They show the way forward for the rest of the Body of Christ. Payday has finally arrived!

The last part of the dream has come true. I preached this message to a large church in Chicago. The Lord has come down in this service! Isn't it incredibly ironic that God is revealing and speaking this message through a white man, a descendant of slave owners from the South, an area that once deprived them of their most basic rights. Isaiah 60:10 states: "The sons of your oppressors will come and bow down before you. All who have despised you will bow down at your feet." God fulfilled the words of the prophet the day I preached the message: "You have settled across the Jordan". May God soon fulfill his prophetic word to these divinely called leaders of the coming Great Awakening.

“O Africa, let my right hand forget its cunning. If I don't plead your case, let my tongue catch on the roof of my mouth. – Lyman Beecher

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