9 tips for promoting your book on a budget


There are thousands of ways to market your book. And after months of marketing my book, I’ve compiled a list of what I have found to be the most effective and important tips for getting your book known on a budget.

Tip # 1 – Create a Website:

Prepare a website right out of your book. And then link your website directly to your book page on Amazon (and other sites as well).

Tip # 2 – Write discussion guidelines:

Have discussion guidelines to download in PDF format from your website. And if you’ve written an adult book, consider including a teen question section.

Tip # 3 – Provide Free Chapters:

Have the first chapters available as free PDF downloads on your website. It’s a great way to get readers to “hook” on reading the rest of the book.

Tip # 4 – Read some books on promoting your book:

Some of the books that I have found particularly useful are:

Sell ​​Your Book On Amazon By Brent Sampson (Great Ways To Establish A Presence On Amazon)

Red Hot Internet Advertising by Penny C. Sansevieri (you can sign up to receive free information by email at amarketingexpert.com)

Plug Your Book by Steve Weber (subtitle: Online Book Marketing for Authors)

1001 Ways to Market Your Books (Sixth Edition) by John Kremer (Huge book so so far I’ve only read Chapter 12 – “How to Sell Books Via a Computer”) (you can sign up to receive information free by e-mail from him on bookmarket.com)

Tip # 5 – Collect all the advertising tips you can and jump on all the opportunities:

Joan Stewart the Publicity Hound (sign up to receive free email information at publicityhound.com) has some great PR advice. And sign up at helparereporter.com to receive email updates on article sources journalists need.

Tip # 6 – Start a blog as early as possible, preferably before your book publishes:

Unfortunately, I only learned this wisdom right before my book was published, but I jumped on it once I learned.

Tip # 7 – Optimize your presence on Amazon:

Make sure you take full advantage of the authoring tools on Amazon, including your blog feed into your AmazonConnect feature on your book page.

Tip # 8 – Ask bloggers to review your book:

And if they say yes, be sure to give them a free copy for themselves as well as a free copy for a contest related to your book. Book giveaways on book blogs grab the attention of people reading. (And if bloggers really like your book, they’re often willing to post their blog review on Amazon and other book sites.)

Tip # 9 – Take a virtual tour of the book:

I used pumpupyourbookpromotion.com to take a virtual tour of the month-long book (your book is featured on blogs with a review or an interview or both), and found the experience to be extremely effective in developing relationships with bloggers.

Source by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

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