7 Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset


Ask someone: "Do you want more money?" and the answer is usually "yes!" More money can mean a lot: freedom, fun, adventure, bill evasion, more hassle, a whole new BMW. Whatever we want, money is often the way to get it.

Why don't we have everything we want? We're definitely pretty smart – after all, we've sent a man to the moon, shouldn't we be able to make a few thousand dollars extra? We are certainly working hard enough – statistics indicate that Australians work 40 to 60 hours a week. Americans have barely two weeks of annual vacation per year. There is no shortage of work ethics here.

So what is stopping us from reaching the wealth we really want?

Is it a lack of knowledge? No – there are thousands of books and articles on how to create wealth and there are thousands that have already done so – it is doable. The answers are there, within everyone's reach.

Is it a lack of desire? Certainly not, as most people express a genuine desire for more money and can see the real benefits of wealth creation.

The distinction between those who make millions and those who do not does not relate to intelligence, motivation, work ethic, knowledge, skills, opportunities or even luck. The difference lies almost entirely in beliefs and attitudes. These distinctions boil down to seven basic secrets of what I call "millionaire mentality".

Secret # 1: Beliefs About Money

Millionaires have specific beliefs about money and wealth. This is the most basic and important aspect of becoming (and staying) a millionaire.

Millionaire beliefs include:

* I deserve to be rich.

* There is more than enough wealth to shop around.

* When I get rich, so do the others.

* I enrich myself by adding value to people's lives. I do this by providing services, knowledge or products that enrich others.

* Creating wealth is fun and fun.

* If I want it, I can reach it, attract it, possess it, appreciate it.

* I am the captain of my own ship.

* I am not alone – in wealth creation, I have many partners who help me in the design, implementation and administration of my products and services. We all benefit from the growth of wealth.

* No one suffers from the fact that I am rich.

* Wealth offers the opportunity to help others.

* I am very grateful for all that I already have in my life.

* I am on this planet to enjoy my life.

* I am already rich beyond measure.

How many of these beliefs do you share with millionaires? Chances are that if you don't have all of the wealth you desire, it's because you may have restrictive beliefs about yourself and money.

We develop our financial beliefs mainly from our family and our first experiences with money. Do you remember your first conscious reflection on money? Was it positive? Very often our experiences with money are negative or unsupported, associated with guilt, blame, fear, jealousy and all kinds of low-level emotional states.

Culturally, we are also bombarded with messages about money. Have you heard of it?

* Money does not grow on trees.

* Money is the root of all evil.

* It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go through the gates of heaven.

* The gentle will inherit the earth.

* There is virtue in poverty.

When you think about it, these maxims are not useful at all if you want to increase wealth. If you subscribe to these beliefs, your ambitions will be in constant conflict with your underlying notions of wealth. The result? Deadlock. No wealth can develop under these conditions.

Secret # 2: Reasons to Create Wealth – The Carrot and the Stick

Millionaires have very specific and compelling reasons why they create wealth. These reasons keep them focused on their goals. These may include the desire to experience freedom of choice, to provide a solid education for their children, to help their favorite charity, to eliminate their personal debts, to securing a secure future for themselves or just having fun.

Whatever the reasons why they want to create wealth, all the reasons fall into two distinct categories. These are the "carrots" and the "sticks". "Carrots" and "sticks" are essential components of the millionaire mindset.

The "carrots" are the juicy incentive. Like the horse that has the carrot hanging in front of it to keep it trotting, aiming for the delicious feast, the millionaires also have "carrots". These could be a new Jaguar, a house on the beach, trips abroad, a fancy wardrobe, a solid educational fund for their children, the possibility of donating to their favorite charity, a sense of freedom, a sense of adventure, freedom of choice. The reasons are both tangible and esoteric. Basically, the most important thing is that the "carrots" feel good.

The "sticks" are the painful reminder of what they don't want. My aunt who is now very wealthy says that the main reason she worked so hard for financial independence is that she never wanted to experience the poverty of her childhood again. It was such a painful experience that she used him as a whip, as a "stick" to direct his wealth creation activities. Other "sticks" to wealth creation could be the pain of oppressive debt, the fear of retirement without sufficient funds, the worry of wondering where the next meal will come from.

Anthony Robbins says people will do more to avoid pain than to have fun. This is a key observation in the development of the millionaire mindset. In order to carry out wealth creation plans, the millionaire on the brand must have both "carrots" and "sticks". The sticks keep the feet in the fire, keep the awareness of the pain as a stimulant to keep trying, to keep working the plan. The "carrots" however provide inspiration, joy and rewards. The wealth "horse" moves much more efficiently if it has both "carrots" and "sticks" that encourage it.

A final word on "sticks". If you have too much, your life becomes filled with fear – fear of poverty, fear of debt, fear of an inadequately funded retirement. It is not a way of leading a life, and certainly a very anxious way of approaching the development of wealth. Some "sticks" are a good way to start and then focus more on your "carrots." Not only are these things much more fun to think about, but they will make the wealth creation process much more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Secret # 3: It's not about the money

Any wealthy person knows that creating a fortune is never about money. It's about knowing what money can do. Money allows for experiences that provide pleasure. Ultimately, creating wealth is about feeling good – nothing more, nothing less. Can you feel good without creating wealth? Absolutely! This is why a rich person feels good, feels "rich", regardless of their bank account balance. For the wealthy person, the accumulation of wealth is a process as pleasant as the results.

The wealthy are not hooked on results or on the balance sheet. Rich people focus on the process of creating added value for their customers, colleagues, employees, their area of ​​work. They know that by adding value, the laws of reciprocity dictate that value ultimately returns to them. That way, they can feel good at any time. Creating wealth is as much a service to others as it is to feel good in your own life.

Secret # 4: Awareness is a key skill in wealth creation

Those who create and attract wealth have an increased sense of self. They are fully aware of what could hinder their personal growth, including their personal effectiveness, limitation of beliefs, low level emotional patterns and lack of knowledge or skills. They are taking active steps to remove blockages from their success.

Those with a millionaire mindset are also very sensitive to their environment. They surround themselves with people who support them and help them achieve their goals. They hire coaches, select mentors and pay for the best advisers they can afford. They avoid negative, pessimistic or caustic individuals. They design an inspiring environment that reminds them of their personal vision and reflects their individual values. All around them is a reflection of who they are at the heart and resonates with their vision of themselves already in possession of the wealth they desire.

Secret # 5: Focus reveals opportunities

Along with increased awareness, the focus on key priorities works like a giant spotlight: opportunities are revealed by powerful, focused light. Without clear direction, these same opportunities may still exist, but because awareness is not targeted, the individual does not necessarily notice them.

Secret # 6: Repeat baby steps

It is not enough to have concentration and increased awareness to become wealthy. Inspired and deliberate action is necessary to create results. Wealthy individuals take measured action to create their results. They know that an action is better than nothing and that baby's steps in the moment lead to significant results over time.

Secret # 7: Connect to joy, in the moment

True wealth comes from experiencing joy, in the moment. It is in fact a choice brought about by the awareness of our connection to all of humanity, to the whole universe. When we feel integrated and part of the great experience of life, we can now relax and savor the experience of the moment. A great feeling of peace thus allows the flow of joy, happiness, and ultimately wealth and prosperity.

So how do you actually create wealth?

This is the question people always ask first when they want to get out of poverty and make more money. This should in fact be the last question to be answered. You cannot attract wealth if you do not have the right beliefs, the right reasons, focus, awareness and attitude. Any financial project will fail without these elements in place first.

With this caveat, how can you create wealth?

The simple answer is that there are a multitude of methods and strategies. You can use one or more. These include:

* A traditional commercial enterprise

* Invest in stocks, managed funds, bonds, etc.

* Land investment

* An online business.

What we know for sure, there are very few "jobs" that pay an extraordinary salary that turns into massive wealth. Business and investment are really the key to wealth that does not depend on your actual presence to provide a service.

How do you start on the technical side of the things of wealth creation?

First, choose the strategy that you will enjoy. If you are technophobic, an online business may not be for you. If you love to do house and decor, maybe real estate investing is something you should pursue. Whatever you choose, you should enjoy it and make it fun!

There are many good resources to teach you the details of investing, starting a business, etc. Don't feel like you have to go it alone! Get advice, get help, get a coach, get a mentor. Educate yourself – read, read, read. So take action – no baby of course!

As a starting point, here are some great resources for you:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Cash flow quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

The myth E revisited – Michael Gerber

You were born rich – Bob Proctor

The one minute millionaire – Mark Victor Hansen

Think and get rich – Napoleon Hill

There are lots of other books, links and articles on my website http://www.innercompass.com.au to guide you in the right direction.

Now go ahead and prosper!

I wish you a life of love, laughter, joy, health and prosperity.

Best wishes

Copyright 2006 Zoë Herbert Routh, interior compass

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