5 Reasons You’ll Regret Hiring a PR Firm for Your Startup


It's better to correct one thing several times and finally deliver it to perfection, instead of wasting hard-earned resources on petty hasty decisions that make us regret it later. We know that when you start a business on your own you have a lot of pressure and expectations to meet, but my dear friend, only the one who handles that pressure calmly and calmly will lead better.

The problem that most Indian startups miss is the way they handle PR as a function. It's good to see that currently, instead of experimenting with PR on their own, they are outsourcing them to PR agencies for startups. But even by outsourcing them, there are some things that will make you regret your decision to hire a PR agency for your startup, and here is a list of those things:

1. They are not good storytellers: Yes, storytelling is the main art in which PR professionals have to be an expert, because in order for a story to have a long-term impact, it must. be told in a way that appeals to reporters almost instantly. . Most PRs fall behind in this art and often don't reap many benefits for startups even when they provide them with a lot of innovative points to emphasize.

2. They are always gossiping about old clients: It is good for PR people to talk about their old clients to convince potential clients. But once on board, if these professionals are still chatting about previous clients, instead of working on your project; so beware that these people are good for nothing and will not reap as much media presence from you as claimed.

3. They regard them as experts themselves: Yes, they are probably experts in the art of storytelling, but that doesn't mean they have to act as one when they speak. with their client. Instead of acting as an expert, they should be curious and anxious in the learning phase to reflect the best possible characteristics of the client and their organization in media reporting.

4. They are always thirsty for credit: their job is to get you reports, reports and of course interviews as promised in the deal. But sometimes, PR agencies are seen to trick startups into betting on the reprinted version of the news coverage. So when dealing with a start-up PR agency, be extremely careful not to go wrong, only pay for those who are original in every sense of the word.

5. They are extremely expensive: you are a newcomer to the industry and given your childhood in the industry you are the most likely to be cheated in terms of money. There are some companies in this extremely broad public relations industry that will cheat on you without your knowledge. So, instead of investing in these companies, take your time and do a thorough research on the best public relations players who specialize in the genre that you or your organization is working in.

Now, after reading all of these facts, you might be thinking PR is not good for startups. But that's unless and until you and your startup appoint a reliable PR firm. The company will not only provide you with everything that was promised in the agreement, but also design custom PR strategies for you and your startup that would reap much more benefits than you expected.

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