5 Publicity Hacks For Startups To Grow Your Business Now


A common thread running through startups is that most are pressed for time and money.

They know they need to establish their brand, but don't have the major funding from most established businesses.

Many are trying to scramble to try and pique the interest of reporters and ensure media coverage.

They understand that the longer it takes to create name recognition, the longer it will take them to develop sales and profitability, but they don't know how to start the process.

Here are five advertising tips that can help startups quickly grab the attention of newspapers, radio, and TV stations and generate the publicity needed for immediate growth.

# 1. Create a short summary highlighting what makes the company special and why it is different from other companies in the market.

A startup should avoid the standard press release if possible.

The common mistake is to create the typical version and send it all over the place, hoping something will stick.

Instead, depending on the type and scope of the business, offer an exclusive media story with lots of news 'hooks'.

Point out interesting details and feature the local business newspaper, daily or TV channel announcing your business launch before it happens.

You can create an interesting summary with a catchy title. Journalists love to break up stories and are always on the lookout for new businesses they can write or talk about.

Companies can always issue and distribute a standard press release later, after one or two major media outlets leaked the story.

# 2. Develop a short original video for social media.

Video, of course, is widely used in today's highly digitized world.

A video can humanize owners and the team and get people talking about it.

Many people also prefer to watch something than read about it.

A video can help cover all the bases. It can portray some emotion and show aspects of professional print cannot provide.

A company can also link to their video for added PR value when the company sends out their press release.

# 3. Host a special event.

A special event can build enthusiasm for leadership, team, and recruiting. The right kind of event can also have great media value.

Creating a special event is where creativity comes in. You can do something a little offbeat, like make the world's largest cheeseburger or sell 50 dresses in 50 hours to generate income for a non-profit organization or repairing a house for a needy homeowner if you are a painting or construction business.

You can do something about computers if you are a tech company.

There are many ways to run an event and achieve your goals. Remember that a business will need something visual if you are to attract local TV channels.

# 4. Link a charity.

Community outreach can be a key part of a communication program. A new business can right off the bat develop something that benefits a local charity and gets media attention.

Editors and producers love companies that do something creative and give back to the community.

You can do special things with nonprofits that involve bringing your pets to work or young children. The media love dogs and children.

# 5. Promote your press coverage on social media and your website.

Your newsroom should be kept up to date and make sure you link to your articles on all of your social channels.

Print, video and digital play off each other with SEO benefits.

Keep in mind that the more coverage you get and the more relationships you build with the media, the more credibility you will have for future stories.

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