5 Other Website Posts You Can Use to Market Your Business


In a previous article, I introduced you to 5 website posts that allow you to demonstrate your expertise and provide your visitors with information, tools and tips that can improve their performance. These publications include Tips, Glossary, Frequently Asked Questions, stories and Case studies. In this article, I show you 5 more posts that you can use to promote your business.

1. Ratings. Ratings are tools you offer on your website that allow visitors to rate themselves or certain aspects of their performance. Because many people love self-assessment, it can be a powerful way to drive visitors to your site. For example, if you specialize in leadership development, you can create an online tool that helps visitors identify their leadership style. If you are an expert in workplace communication, you can develop an inventory that helps respondents clarify their communication and work style preferences.

2. Tools. Similar to ratings (i.e. a rating is an example of a tool), a tool is anything that can help your readers perform a desired operation or function, or improve performance in some area. particular. For example, as a cycling coach, I offer workouts and training plans that cyclists and multisport athletes can use to improve the quality of their training. I also provide speed and cadence charts that can be used by athletes and their coaches to improve gears and shifts on the bike.

3. Connections. Links are another effective web resource, but of course they do not constitute an actual publication. However, this should not deter you from adding a links section to your site. Links have the advantage of being both very useful for your readers and very easy for you to create. Some people are reluctant to include links because they don’t want to promote their competitors or drive people away from their site. Don’t worry about that. When you make it easy to access high-quality websites with useful information, your visitors will see you as a valuable resource. Just make sure your links open in a new window so visitors don’t leave your site.

4. Newsletters. A newsletter is a very effective way of disseminating useful information. This is not a real website post as newsletters are longer and require more effort to create than tips, stories, posts, etc. However, if you have a newsletter, make sure visitors can download copies of each issue through your website. Additionally, provide a website form that visitors can use to subscribe to your newsletter.

5. Articles. As with newsletters, an article is much longer and more complex than your typical website post. However, if you have published articles, make sure your website visitors can access them. This includes articles published in magazines and journals (view article in PDF format), as well as electronic articles.

Source by Tyrone Holmes

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