12 Month Millionaire – Four Reasons Why People Will Not Buy From You


Would you like to DISCOVER THE SECRET of getting more people to buy from you?

I mean increase your sales!

Why don't people buy from you?

Do you blame the elements, your bad luck, your family, the economy or something on you?

Peris the thoughts.

Vincent James 12 Month Millionaire reveals the simple secrets for more people to buy from you.

In less than 10 minutes, you can learn how to improve the response rate of your emails, letters, web sales page and all of your direct marketing offers.


There are four reasons why people will not buy from you, although the four reasons described relate to direct marketing; This always rings true in internet marketing.

The four reasons:





1. Note: they don't notice your mail. Your email is not delivered. I mean how can someone buy from you or accept your offer if he / she has no idea about you and your services.

So your number 1 priority to increase your sales and conversion is to make sure your target audience notices or receives your sales copy.

2. INTEREST: They just don't want your product. You have to be a better marketer than Jay Abraham, a better copywriter than the Dan Kennedys and Gary Halbert combined to send a list of Eskimos on air conditioners.

Find your niche and adapt your offer to the needs and desires of the group.

3. AFFORDABILITY: in affordability Vincent James uses the mortgage company to drive his home point. How many people you know can buy their house in cash? By using mortgage financing, many can afford it. You can adopt this strategy in your offers, if what you are selling is expensive; why not stop payment, attracting more qualified prospects and buyers.

4. BELIEF: Another reason is that they don't believe you, your product and your complaints. The correct use of testimonials can tip your prospect over to you. We all need someone else to justify a stranger's request.

If you solve these four reasons, you will surely boost your sales.

There is a simple twist you can bring to one of the four reasons that will help you explode your sales.

This is an excerpt from the book Vincent James Millionaire 12 months.

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