12 Common American Good Luck Symbols


Throughout human history, many items have been used as good luck charms. Many different cultures have their own symbols of luck. The most powerful lucky charms are the ones that are easiest to find and recognize. There are many symbols that Americans consider to be good luck charms. Here are the twelve most common lucky symbols.

  1. Four Leaf Clover – One leaf is for FAITH … The second for HOPE … The third for LOVE … And the fourth for LUCK! The four leaf clover is very difficult to find and is considered very lucky to find one.
  2. A Rabbit's Foot – The rabbit is known as a symbol of fertility, which signifies rapid reproduction, which means being lucky!
  3. Horseshoe – The elements of fire and iron used to create a horseshoe were believed to have special powers. The guidance is argumentative, but no matter how you hang the horseshoe, the chance will come.
  4. A Wishbone – A Tradition of Thanksgiving. After the triangle breaks, the person with the larger piece will have their wish granted.
  5. Shooting Star – You can make a wish. The wish will be granted, but it must be done before the sprinkles disappear.
  6. Lucky Penny – Must be a dime. The rhyming verse: "Find a penny, collect it, and all day you will be lucky."
  7. A Rainbow – There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  8. Acorn – a symbol of luck, prosperity, youth and power.
  9. Keys – three keys worn together symbolize the unlocking of the doors of health, wealth and love. They represent the knowledge and wisdom of life.
  10. Dreamcatchers – from Native American culture, are considered lucky because they capture negative images of dreams.
  11. Number 7 – The number of days in a week.
  12. Ladybugs – Ladybugs eat pests that are harmful to crops. It is a beneficial insect, therefore considered lucky by farmers.

"Good luck is when preparation meets opportunity". Since luck is always around us, be prepared.

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