$1 Million Dollars – 8 Steps to a Fortune


Here are 8 possible steps for a million dollars over the next year. If you dream of one day having a million dollar bank account, then read this article and get to work, read now as you see the million dollars appear before your eyes in less than 39; one year.

1] Let's start with say $ 200, we buy a TV valued at around $ 250 for $ 200 and sell it for $ 300

We do this several times during the first month for a total of $ 600

2] Month 2, we buy a really cheap car and give it an impeccable cleaning to resell it for $ 1200 we buy and sell 4 small cars in the next month and are at $ 3000

3] We buy and sell 4 cars during this third month but at a higher price level than the previous month. The balance is now at $ 12,000

4] We continue with vehicles making sure to carefully find sellers who do not resist a lower offer, but at this level, we buy and sell more beautiful cars. We buy and sell at $ 12,000 but sell the car at $ 16,000 and we do it 4 times. Our balance at the end of the month is $ 28,000

5] Use the $ 28,000 as a deposit to purchase a large corner block. We go to the town hall and get the approval of the subdivision and within a month, the 2 blocks are for sale. We paid $ 60,000 for the block but are now selling the 2 small blocks for $ 500,000 each, as they are boutique blocks. We have $ 58,000 left by the end of the month.

6] We do the above again, but we do it with two blocks, so we have $ 138,000 left

7] We repeat the above but this time with 4 blocks simultaneously. We are at $ 298,000 at the end of the month.

8] We buy a beautiful piece of land in a beautiful part of the city and build 4 apartments on one side of the large block and next to it we build a luxurious mansion. We sell each apartment for $ 200,000 each and live in the mansion valued at $ 200,000 for total assets and a cash value of $ 1 million.

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