This year Dow Would Be without Apple & Microsoft?


Apple and Microsoft are the two biggest companies whose turnover and businesses are more than any other company in the world. They both record a market rally in 2019. By combining two they have a massive collection of $819 billion in market cap this year, with an all-time high.

Apple was the first company that entered and became the first one trillion (1 trillion) company in the world followed by Amazon and Google. Apple is consolidating at a profit-taking zone and that is a good option to hold but the stock of Amazon, Microsoft and Shopify it also depict why to sell stock.

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We all know Apple products and accessories are the top ones who get sold out especially during offers or Black Friday, one of the best products including AirPods and iPhones. E-commerce websites are launching many attractive offers and even claiming never before offers at an unbelievable price.

China is the world’s largest manufacturing hub but as per reports in China the manufacturing activity expanding for the first time ever, it rose from 0.9 to 50.2. Even the manufacturing expansion had paced up a little faster up from 0.1 to 51.8.

Current Stock Placement:


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Witnessing and chasing stocks is a good practice to get the exact knowledge about the stocks. It is a good idea to take at least partial profits in most stocks after 20-25% profit.

Few stocks work for the longer time, what are the options you get?

It actually depends on the stock of the company how well they are confident about the stock. If you have trust in the company you may keep your holdings in the Dow.

The stock of the Microsoft


The Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had started into cloud-computing services. The Microsoft stock has climbed in a short span of time but the RS line climbed progressively.

Michael Bapis, managing director at Rockefeller Capital Management, says these stocks are buys for the long haul. “Technology is booming right now. I think we’re in about a 30- to 50-year technology boom period that we’ll never see in the next 500 years so let’s take those two companies which are very positive on growing earnings and margins, and I like that they’re leading not only the technology industry but they’re leading the market,” he concluded.

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